These Could Be The Characters We Would See In He-Man: Masters Of The Universe


Aaron and Adam Nee will direct the new He-Man: Masters of the Universemovie and various famous names are already set to join it as reported by That Hashtag Show. The movie’s story is based on two sons of King Randor, Keldor, and Adam. In this version, Keldor is the ideal son who is all set to become the king whereas Adam is a lesser contender who is considered to be young and not suitable for ruling. The turn of events makes King Randor give the kingdom preference over his son, and feeling betrayed Keldor becomes Skeletor.

There will be several other characters too such as Duncan, who is renowned as Man-at-Arms. Duncan is the faithful weapon-maker of King Randor, and he has great knowledge about all types of weapons. According to the information, he is also going to be the main narrator of Eternia’s history.

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His daughter Teela is also a part of the story. Teela is the best friend of Adam and is also going to have a romantic relationship with him. She is expected to play the role of Captain of Eternia’s Royal Guard.

The King’s Minister of Technology and the right-hand guy, Zodak will also feature in the movie. Zodak is an immortal who has survived the war of the Ancients and the Snake Man and is similar to an Obi-Wan style mentor to Adam.

Team He-Man will be completed by Orko and Stratos. Orko is the adorable miniature trollan mage who often fails to use magic but tries his best nonetheless. As per the source, he will be shown to be a tiny man whose self-doubts keep him away from being a decent wizard. As far as Stratos is concerned, he is the leader of the bird people, and will be shown as the leader of the Sky Guards at Iron Gate prison. That’s the prison where Skeletor and his cronies are held captive at one point in the movie.

Skeletor also has some support, including Beast Man. The character’s version will be that of a shapeshifter who can convert into any beast of his choice. Evil-Lyn, a mighty witch with her own agenda, will also be a part of Skeletor’s team. She will assist Skeletor in recreating the Havok Staff and might backstab him even before the movie ends.

There are also going to be Trap Jaw, who is half human, half machine. He has replaceable parts and as his name suggests razor-sharp jaws.