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‘Gotham’ Season 5 Will Soon Be Adapting ‘Batman: Zero Year’


After one season which had shown the fans The Killing Joke and “No Man’s Land” stories being brought to life, Gotham is now taking a swing at another famous Batman mythos.

Gotham is now preparing itself to adapt Batman: Zero Year.…

The Writers Of ‘Deadpool 2’ Are Now Saying That SPOILER Is Not Dead


Deadpool 2, the latest movie from 20th Century Fox, introduced the mutant Cable, who is a time traveller.

The entire plot of Deadpool 2 involved Wade Wilson searching for meaning in life after his love, Vanessa, is killed. With the help of his misfit friends and Cable’s time travel device, Deadpool succeeds in undoing Vanessa’s death by using Cable’s device to travel back to the beginning of the movie and save Vanessa.…

Here’s Why Thanos Destroying Xandar Was Not Shown In The Avengers: Infinity War Movie


Marvel’s latest outing, Avengers: Infinity War really did not waste much time with the opening scene of the film and it surely does skip a lot of facts.

Right after Thor: Ragnarok, the 3rd Avengers movie introduces Thanos and the Black Order after they have taken over the Asgardian ship.…

Hayley Atwell Hot: 27 Seductive Pictures Of Marvel’s Peggy Carter With Interesting Facts.


Hayley Elizabeth Atwell is an incredibly talented and gorgeous British and American actress. The 35-year-old actress is renowned for her performances in various theatrical productions such as A View From The Bridge, and on the big screen for the 2008 period-drama The Duchess, the historical drama miniseries titled The Pillars of the Earth (2010) and most prominently as Peggy Carter in a number of MCU movies and television shows.…

15 Hot Pictures Of Yukio a.k.a Shiori Kutsuna From Deadpool 2 With Interesting Facts About Her

















35 Hottest Domino Cosplays Give Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Version Run For Her Money


In the latest movie, Deadpool 2, the X-Force has on its team, Domino, who is full of luck. She is the only female member of this super-hero group and she is the only one other than Deadpool to survive the ill-fated yet extremely hilarious mission.…

‘Deadpool 2’ Just Name Dropped A Very Famous X-Men Villain. Here’s How It Happened


One huge villain from the X-Men comics is yet to make his big screen debut, but this does not mean that it is not currently in under work.

After having been first teased in one of the post-credits scene of the movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, Mister Sinister had been referred to in the latest outing, Deadpool 2.…

20 Hot Pictures of Melissa Benoist a.k.a Supergirl With Interesting Facts About Her


We all know who Melissa Benoist is. She has been working in the movie and TV industry for many years and has earned herself a good name. In 2015, she rose to fame with the show, Supergirl where starred as the lead character.…

SPOILERS: Deadpool 2 Writers Explain The Post Credist Scenes.


If you are one of those who has not seen the film, still you might have heard about the movie’s post-credits scene already. After the film’s premiere in New York City, the Marvel Entertainment Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada made a daring statement, saying that the post-credit scene of Deadpool 2 was the best in the history of movies, and now that the fans are seeing it, a lot of them agree with him.…

20 Amazingly Hot Pictures Of Brianna Hildebrand a.k.a Negasonic Teenage Warhead From Deadpool Movies

20 Hot pictures of Brianna Hildebrand Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Deadpool 2 is a very anticipated movie after the franchise’s first film in 2016, fans have been waiting to see what adventure the Merc with a mouth and his team would be stepping into next. Stealing a part of the spotlight of this movie was Brianna Hildebrand, the 21 year-old actress, singer- songwriter, and comedian.…