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33 Hottest Elizabeth Olsen Images Which Prove That She’s A Truly Hot Witch


We love Marvel Cinematic Universe, and there are millions of fans all over the world who love the MCU movies, thronging the theaters every time a new MCU movie hits the theaters. The biggest reason for Marvel’s success apart from its colorful and less grim approach to movies is the casting.…

25 Funniest Goku Vs Superman Memes To Prove Who Is Mightier


There are plenty of superheroes around, but, Superman and Goku are two of the most powerful pop culture supers. They both are the last remnants of a long-gone planet who found shelter on Earth. Instead of thinking that they were superior because of their super strength, both Kal-El and Kakarot subscribe to human morality and see themselves as the protectors of innocents.…

Avengers: Infinity War Star Chris Hemsworth Gets Gym Tip From Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


“Just taking a leaf out of the Rock’s book. Every time he does a post he’s in the gym, so I’m just gonna do a couple of curls while we’re chatting,” Hemsworth can be seen saying in the video as he performs some light exercise.…

This Is How Ryan Reynolds Responded To WB Asking Him To Return The Green Lantern Ring


Taking into account the terrible public and critical response to the Green Lantern movie back in 2011, it was quite unlikely that Ryan Reynolds would have reprised the role of pilot turned superhero Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps film.…

Get Ready To Witness Spidergeddon In Marvel Universe This Year


Spidergeddon is coming.

The announcement which has been made without any creative team, date, or even an artwork, just declares “ “SPIDERGEDDON IS NIGH.” Although previously the Marvel teasers which seemed to be plain, turned out to reveal a lot of clues after a bit of Photoshop work, this one is exactly nothing more than what it appears to be: white block text on a simple black background.…

Spoiler Article: Deadpool 2 Actors Shot Scenes Only For The Trailers To Mislead The Audience


Spoiler Warning: This article contains Deadpool 2 spoilers. Read further only if you want to know!

Deadpool 2’s co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, were recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and they were questioned about the movie’s handling of the much-awaited X-Force’s debut.…

Andy Serkis Wants A Role In Matt Reeves’ The Batman


Although there are a lot of confusions about the Batman solo film, it is bound to be
made sooner or later. Assuming the film gets made, Andy Serkis is keen to play a
role in the movie.

The actor recently faced a question about his interest in The Batman.…

SPOILERS: Deadpool 2 Ignores X- Men Timeline Before Fixing All Continuity Problems


To fix a broken timeline is not easy. While MCU’s fragmented continuity gets
exposed due to the cohesive nature of their narrative, the mutant franchise from Fox
has remained illogical for a number of years, and despite the recent films like X-Men:
Days of Future Past and Logan trying to fix the problem, they only ended up creating
more gaps.…

Deadpool 2: Fans Were Wrong About The Identity Of Negasonic Warhead’s Girlfriend


This Friday’s release Deadpool 2 has been highly praised for its big-screen depiction
of an LGBTQ romance. The movie showed a lesbian pairing between Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and a mutant character called Yukio who debuted in this sequel. While some fans thought the character was a version of Surge from the original X-Men Comic books, the writers of Deadpool 2 have stated that is not correct.…

SPOILERS: Deadpool 2 Used Misleading Funny Sequences In The Trailer


Apparently, the studios have become smarter and rather than revealing much of the
movie in trailers; they now use misleading footage to make fans wonder what will
happen. Avengers: Infinity War did it by using wrong footage of the Hulk in Wakanda,
and now Deadpool 2 adopted the same strategy.…