Resident Evil Reboot Likely To Be Converted Into A TV Series


The proposed Resident Evil reboot might be converted to a TV series rather than a movie. The video game franchise is among the biggest in the world, and the 1996 original Resident Evil was credited with making the survival horror theme a popular one which which various other franchises coming up down the line such as Silent Hill and Dead Space. The series preferred action over horror for a long time, but, its latest release – Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, once again took the franchise to its horror origins.

The series also led to a successful movie franchise headed by MillaJovovich. The actress played Alice in the six films, the last of which was last year’s Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The films earned more than $1.2 billion combined, which made them the most successful video game turned movies ever. Despite that, the films faced a lot of criticism by fans, mostly for not conforming to the source material and giving preference to action rather than horror.

The films were written by Paul W.S. Anderson, and he also directed four of them, but, he and Jovovich have since exited the series and are now involved with the cinematic adaptation of another Capcom series titled Monster Hunter. Soon after the release of The Final Chapter, announcement was made about a Resident Evil reboot, and according to a new report by Variety, the production house Constantin is now contemplating turning it into a TV series, and the CEO Martin Moszkowicz said that they haven’t yet finalized their approach:

For us, the main thing is to get it right creatively, so people don’t think it’s more of the same. That’s what it’s all about these days, a fresh, different approach.

After he worked on the Resident Evil films since the original film in 2002, we don’t expect Anderson to make a comeback, and Moszkowicz said, “He did six movies, earning $1.2 billion, ten years of work; he felt it was time to move on.”

The Resident Evil franchise has been turned into almost everything, but, TV, so this is going to be a fascinating medium for Constantin to dabble with. They have two decades of stories and a saga that the TV series could explore, so they are good to go as far as the source material is concerned. However, this is not the first time we heard of a Resident Evil TV show. A show called Arkley was proposed some years back, which was supposed to be a prequel based before the original and revolving around a detective investigating brutal murders in Raccoon City which were linked to the Umbrella Corporation. Some footage was filmed before the concept was scrapped.

It is for Constantin to decide which way the Resident Evil reboot would go, but, fans are eagerly waiting for news on the video game remake of Resident Evil 2. The game was first mentioned in 2015, but, no screenshots or concrete details have emerged since then. Capcom recently said that they have a couple of major titles which will release early next year, and a lot of fans anticipate Resident Evil 2 to be one of them. As of now, all hopes are for an announcement to be made during the upcoming E3 expo in June.