There Is A Fan Petition Demanding A Wakanda TV Show Spinoff


Fans of Black Panther film have got a petition going, demanding for a TV spin-off show based in Wakanda. The opening Marvel Studios movie for 2018 has started brilliantly. It set another box office record last weekend by overtaking The Avengers and earning $108 million domestically in the second weekend. At the same time, critics and fans have been gushing about the film on the internet.

Black Panther is already impacting things. Disney decided to support the opening of new STEM centers by donating $1 million to Boy and Girls Club of America. The endeavor will see cities all over the USA set up new facilities which will help youngsters explore science and technology, and one of them will be in Oakland, replicating Black Panther itself. With a new set of heroes to follow, Black Panther is likely to serve as inspiration for future generations, and one of the fans is expecting the franchise to expand in various other manners too.

The petition requesting a spinoff TV series based in Wakanda was created by Eric Hamilton. Hamilton is hoping that Marvel will further explore the origin story of Wakanda and wants Netflix to team up with the comic book publisher to create the show. Till now, the petition has collected 4000 signatures, demonstrating the kind of love that Black Panther has received from people.

While the thought is amusing and fans are definitely supporting it, Netflix is unlikely to make this show. The future Marvel shows are bound to go to Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which will be unveiled late next year. The ongoing Defenders-related shows will continue on Netflix. However, any new projects are going to be only on Disney’s own platforms. The resources at Disney are adequate to create a Wakanda based TV series, and Marvel would certainly not mind displaying more of Black Panther.

There is an extensive Black Panther toy line in the works, which will be bigger than any other non-sequel movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Apart from being the leader of the current season of Avengers Assemble, T’Challa also has various other comic books delving deeper into his life. There is no doubt that a Black Panther 2 will be made, but, it would be unwise of Marvel not to encash the movie’s success in all possible ways. Now that the film is set to touch $1 billion at the box office, we are sure that more exciting Black Panther related announcements will come soon.