13 Reasons Why Elizabeth Olsen Is The Absolute Best


Elizabeth Case Olsen is a popular and extremely talented actress. The gorgeous lady has been part of several movies, but, to fans, she is best known as the Scarlet Witch. Frankly, that’s the power of the superhero genre, once you play a superhero character, you get identified with that for the rest of your days, and if the superheroine happens to be the mighty Scarlet Witch, you won’t even mind it. The 29-year-old beauty has totally impressed fans and meme makers alike with her work, her wit or as you would see in the memes below, the absence of it.

Therefore, to celebrate her performance in the Avengers: Infinity War, we decided to provide you with 13 reasons why Elizabeth Olsen is the ultimate!

1. She is the perfect team-mate for Letitia Wright.

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2. Her version of Infinity War might be different from Russo Brothers, but, we love it.

3. Her love for Rocket Raccoon is far deeper than Thor’s love for him.

4. The look she gave when she found out about Tom Holland’s dog.

5. Dogs bring out the hero in her.

6. She has magic and all those powers, but, that thumb.

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7. She has her own beliefs.

8. She, Chris Evans and dog videos, will make a perfect world.

9. She is definitely cheeky when it comes to Scarlet Witch’s costume.

10. She shares a real sibling-like bond with her on-screen brother in MCU.

11. She is even more lovable when she gets drunk and witchy.

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12. She knows how not to get too much into the things you do on-screen.

13. She is never wrong.