13 Times Hulk Was Killed In Comics In Various Violent Ways


Anyone who knows anything about Marvel comic books knows that the Hulk is one of the biggest badasses on the block.  So much so, most readers may not even remember incidences when Hulk himself was defeated. As one of the most recognizable faces in comics, Hulk is not known for dying that easily.

So there comes a time where readers will come across rare instances when a villain or hero manages to take down the Hulk. With that in mind, let’s look at 13 instances where Hulk was defeated

1. A Radiation Blast That’s a Little Too Real

In Ruins #1, the gamma explosion that created Hulk in the first place causes a festering pile of cancerous guts and broken bones, which makes him unable to scream out in agony as his trachea gets crushed by cancerous growths.


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2. Wolverine Makes for the Worst Indigestion Ever

In the Old Man Logan, the Hulk devours Logan, and sits back to digest his meal, but Wolverine heals himself and slices his way out of the Hulk’s intestines.

3. A Fitting End for Earth’s Sole Superhero Survivor

In What If? World War Hulk, as the lone survivor of an extinct planet, Hulk  realizes he is cursed with immortality and gets devoured by Galactus.


4. Hulk Gets His Neck Broken…By The Hulk

In Hulk, Future Imperfect #2, there are two Hulks who face off with each other- Hulk and  Maestro,

Maestro snaps Hulk’s neck like a chicken.


5. Who’s Your Daddy?

In The Incredible Hulks #622, Zeus pounds Hulk to smithereens leaving Hulk vomiting gallons of green blood from organs ruptured by his shattered ribs and commands his followers to chain Hulk to a boulder where gigantic vultures slowly consume what’s left.

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6. Hawkeye Helps a Friend – Shoots the Hulk

In Civil War II, Hawkeye shoots arrows into Banner’s head and heart ending the Hulk for good.


7. The Red Menace Sets a Trap

In Hulk #4,   the Red meets Green Hulk and snaps the Hulk’s arm and chokes him to unconsciousness.

8. Deadpool Cuts the Hulk All to Pieces

In Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool sneaks up on Banner when not in his Hulk form and decapitates him.


9. Owner of a Broken Heart

In The Incredible Hulk #105, after being crowned king, on the planet Sakaar, the Hulk marries Caiera, and is soon expecting a child. While traveling in the shuttle, it explodes, killing Caiera, Hulk’s unborn child, and a number of his loyal subjects.

10. The Hulk Gets a Shock

In The Incredible Hulk #44,   Storm hits the Hulk with so much voltage it literally stops his heart.


11. Hulk on a Stick

In  Hulk #4, Red Hulk drives a trident through the Hulk’s skull and holds him aloft like a roasted animal on a spit, apparently dead.

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12. Wolverine: A Tough Guy to Kill

In What If… #31, Hulk fights Wolverine. Wolverine slices Hulk’s throat, drowning him in his own blood.

13. Blood thirst Only a Child Can Quell

In Hulk Annual, Hulk goes head to head with Gladiator, leader of the Shi’ar Praetorian Guard. The Royal Guard kills an intergalactic criminal shape-shifter, whose newest form is a child version of Bruce Banner. A battle for the ages occurs and only stops when the child Banner speaks up.