14 Comic Book Character ImagesShowing How Time Has Transformed Them


The comic book industry has been around for a number of decades. While it has become truly global and comic book characters have been dominating various media such as television, video games, and the big screen, etc., they had much different origins and some date as far back as the World War II. DC and Marvel Comics are two of the biggest players in the world of comic books now, and most of the iconic heroes who are renowned all over the world belong to these two publishers. However, these mainstream characters have undergone scores of transformations since their debut. There has been golden age, silver age, bronze age and the modern age of comic books which describe the extreme changes in the appearances of these characters to reflect the constantly changing social rules and mental state of the readers.

One such famous example is the way the Batman and Joker looked and how they drastically changed during the 1980s. The became darker, more negative and desperate as the writers began to dwell more on their internal struggles than the tried and tested adventure based narratives. While the Batman became much darker, the Joker became absolutely demented, a character that simply wanted to see the whole world suffer. The psychological changes in the characters made way into their costume designs and persona. All those emotional variations were made to ensure that the comic books appeared more relevant to the socio-economic and political condition of their contemporary world. Let’s have a look at some of the most drastic changes that the iconic comic book characters underwent:-

1. Robocop

2. Hulk

3. Joker

4. Thor

5. Wonder Woman

6. Catwoman

7. Ironman

8. Power Rangers

9. Captain America

10. Batman

11. Wolverine

12. Superwoman

13. Spider-man

14. Flash