15 Uncomfortable Scenes From DC Animated Series Which Appear Too Hot To Handle Even For Adults


It is a huge misconception that cartoons are for kids. Yes, nobody argues the fact that we all loved cartoons which were not only entertainment but, also a great learning tool for us. Especially, if we look at the generation of the 1980s and 1990s, they were replete with some of the most amazing cartoon/animation series ever. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Duck Tales and various other Disney cartoons catered to the children over the years. However, age is not exactly relevant to the cartoon films. No matter what age group you might belong to, there are always going to be cartoons/animations to cater to you.

When we talk about cartoons which are for all age-groups, DC Animated Cartoons are simply the most appealing of them all. They are simply iconic. Their animation is fantastic; they get great narratives and some of the most famous voice artists/Hollywood stars to add an extra dose of class. However, they also have the sexiest adult scenes in the world of animation. In fact, there are some scenes which are so explicitly intimate that they can make even the adults sweat a bit. Therefore, we decided to create a compilation of 15 scenes from animated shows which were so sexually detailed that they made viewers really uncomfortable. Get ready for the action and check them out below:

15. Starfire and NightWing

14. Harley Quinn and Deadshot!

13. The tricks of Batwoman.

12. Dark Knight discovers Wonder Woman!

11. When Steve Trevor made a move!

10. Harley – The Stripper

9. The Killing of Barbara Gordon

8. Naked Killer Frost breaks in Arkham

7. StarFire and Nightwing’s videochat

6. Bruno vs Robin

5. Harley Teaches A Lesson

4. Deathstroke and Terra

3. Aquaman and Wonder Woman affair.

2. Nightwing and Harley Quinn enjoys the night

1. The Rooftop Hookup