33 Hottest Catwoman Images Which Will Make Fans Wish For More


Catwoman is an imaginary character from DC Comics which is linked with the Batman stories. Bill Finger and Bob Kane created the character back in 1940, and her debut was as “The Cat” in Batman #1 published in June 1940. Originally named Selina Kyle, Catwoman has an enduring on and off romantic relationship with Batman. The original purpose of her creation was to serve as a supervillain opposite the Batman, but, the 1990s onwards she has become more of an anti-heroine who indulges in wrong steps to help accomplish the right objectives.

It was her appearance on big and small screens that got the character going in a really big way. Various actresses such as JullieNewmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt played the role in the 1960s on TV and also in a movie. We saw Michelle Pfeiffer play the role in 1992’s film Batman Returns. In 2004, a standalone Catwoman film starring Halle Berry came out and flopped on commercial as well as critical parameters. Irrespective of the characters’ motivations and her performances on the big screen, Catwoman has gone on to become one of the most loved female characters from DC. Gorgeous actress Anne Hathway played Catwoman in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, and Camren Bicondova has been playing a younger version of the character on the TV show Gotham since 2014.

As mentioned above, several gorgeous actresses have seduced the audiences as Catwoman and have earned vast legions of fans in the process. Here we present to you a compilation of insanely hot Catwoman images which will leave you wanting more:

1. Ooh, la la!

2. Awesome!

3. Wow!

4. Pretty!

5. Michelle Pfieffer

6. Amazing!

7. Gorgeous!

8. Those Eyes!

9. Wonderful!

10. Halle Berry

11. Awesome Toys!

12. Deadly Look!

13. Adorable!

14. Nice!

15. Great Cosplay!

16. Fantastic!

17. Fabulous!

18. Meow!

19. Killer!

20. Incredible Cosplay!

21. Anne Hathaway

22. Mind-Blowing Artwork!

23. Insanely Hot!

24. Crazy Cosplay!

25. Superb!

26. Drooling!

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29. Ohh Yeah!

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31. Catwoman Hot!

32. Hot!

33. Extremely Real!