35 Hot Pictures Of Black Cat, Felicia Hardy From Marvel Comics


In this article, we are going to delight you with 35 hot pictures of Black Cat, a famous Marvel superhero who is easily among the hottest women in the world of Marvel Comics. Black Cat’s comic book debut was in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July 1979) written by Mary Wolfman and illustrated by Dave Cockruum. The Black Cat has captured the imagination of fans, and her well-toned, athletic body capsuled in that body-hugging leather costume turns on the heat several notches. Black Cat’s specialties are her flexibility and agility which also make her desirable. Despite being a comic book character, you can still find her getting mentioned under search terms such as sexy superhero costume, and you might even find the sexy Black Cat images, hot Black Cat images, etc.

We know how Black Cat’s fans are always eager to feast their eyes upon hot Black Cat photos, so we decided to create this curated image gallery comprising of hot Black Cat photos and also cute Black Cat photos.

These scorching photos are also accompanied by 25 facts that true Black Cat fans must know:

25 Incredible Black Cat facts:


1. Black Cat’s debut was in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 (July 1979), written by Mary Wolfman and art by Dave Cockruum.

Black Cat With Spiderman

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2. Her father is Walter Hardy, an internationally renowned Cat Thief.

Black Cat Flying

3. She had a traumatic experience during her college freshman days, and that motivated her to become adept at various combat forms and acrobatics.

Black Cat Hot


4. She ultimately chose to emulate her father and put on the costume of the Black Cat.

Black Cat Sexy

5. In the form of Black Cat, she has a unique capability of affecting probability which invokes “Bad Luck” for her enemies.

Black Cat Cleavage


6. She was initially created as a supervillain to battle Spider-Man, but, with the passage of time, they developed feelings for each other and he convinced her to become an anti-heroine and team up with him.

Black Cat Rooftop

7. Her romance with Spider-Man ran into rough weather when it was revealed that she was not much interested in Peter Parker and loved only his alter-ego, Spider-Man.

Black Cat Sexy


8. The character of Black Cat was inspired by a Tex Avery Cartoon titled “Bad Luck Blackie,” which featured a black cat cause bad luck to anyone near her.

Black Cat Stunt

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9. Scientists who worked for Kingpin managed to give her an ability to cause bad luck courtesy of a deal she had struck with him.


Black Cat Hot Pictures

10. She was given a tychokinesis power, which caused unlikely although not impossible events to occur, leading to misfortune to enemies who happened to be in her vicinity.

Black Cat Drinking

11. Doctor Strange stripped her of these powers to ensure she didn’t hurt those she loved, but, these powers were restored a scientist working for Mister Negative and this time the powers were only more enhanced.


Black Cat Angry Face

12. With the increase in her viciousness, her powers also increased.

Black Cat Sexy Pictures

13. She is an expert, although somewhat reformed thief who is adept at stealth, picking locks, escaping, dodging alarms and ripping safes.


Black Cat Too Hot

14. Her reflexes, strength and acrobatic abilities are great and superior to normal humans.

Black Cat White Hair

15. She has been well trained in a number of martial arts forms including Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate and Judo.

Black Cat Legs


16. She is so good at physical combat that she can face a team of armed attackers and take them out without getting hurt. In fact, when she was pushed to the extreme, she even managed to defeat the mutant Sabretooth.

Black Cat Hottie Look

17. Tinkerer created the current costume of the Black Cat using leather and it has the ability to enhance her physical attributes courtesy of micro servos built into it.

Black Cat Sexy Pics

18. Her strength is right at the top of the human capabilities and she can lift an object even 800 pounds heavy.


Black Cat Amazing

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19. Similar to her strength, her athletic skills are also highly enhanced and over shorter distances, she can move at speeds up to 40 miles per hour.

Black Cat Fight

20. Her costume has a plethora of implants which ensure that she surpasses human limitations in various athletic and physical activities.


Black Cat Booty

21. Her costume is also fitted with steel micro-filaments which form retractable steel claws at her fingertips which come out when she flexes her fingers and shoots a magnetic pulse which makes these metallic claws appear.

Black Cat Sexy Look

22. Her earrings were given by Tinkerer and they correspond with the balance center of her brain to give her enhanced abilities.

Black Cat Lips

23. Her father Walter Hardy had designed her fur gloves which have a stealthy, grappling hook that gives her the ability to swing from buildings, just like the Spider-Man does.

Black Cat Hot Lips

24. Her contact lenses are also given by Tinkerer and they allow her to see various ranges such as infrared and ultraviolet light.

Black Cat Gun

25. She was a part of a show inspired by Sex and the City, titled Marvel Divas where she was joined by Firestar, Hellcat and Photon.

Black Cat Sexy Legs


Black Cat Back


Black Cat Front

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Black Cat Gorgeous


Black Cat Sexy Dress


Black Cat Feet


Black Cat Hot Lips


Black Cat Hot Dress


Black Cat On Building


Black Cat Hot Legs

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Black Cat Superb