5 Superheroes Who Cannot Have Intercourse With Humans Because Of Their Powers


Being a superhero means having to sacrifice a lot. Not only do you have to drop everything you’re doing and fight villains  at a moment’s notice, but your love life takes a beating as well . Superheroes’ personal lives are a big mess already and it gets worse when your unable to get intomate woth your significant other thanks to your superpowers. Here are 5 superheroes who are physically unable to experience intimacy with their lovers.

1) The Incredible Hulk

In the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie, there’s a scene where Bruce Banner is with Betty in a motel room. As things start getting heated up, Bruce’s heart-rate monitor gets more and more active as his heart begins to pound faster. He almost becomes the Hulk  but pulls away  just in time

In the comics version, Bruce and Betty do get intimate after Bruce is “cured” of being the Hulk and  his pathology is reversed backwards, to become a peaceful Hulk or a savage Banner. Betty sleeps with him, to calm him down.

2) Rogue from the X-Men

Rogue is a beautiful woman with a hot boyfriend whom she can never touch as  she absorbs their memories, strength and physical abilities. She can also steal other mutants’ superpowers with her touch. The sexual repression is so frustrating that she tried to get rid of her powers in X-Men 3.

3) Superman

As he is Superman, there would be too many implications with his  Krypto-sperm. Besides the speeding-bullet properties of the sperm themselves, Superman is also capable of causing an injury to Lois Lane if he gets too excited during intercourse. Some experts believe Wonder Woman is incapable of being intimate with a  human, for the same reasons.

4) Spider-Man

Spider-Man can have intercourse. But due to his body fluids being highly radioactive, prolonged exposure to them eventually kills his wife Mary Jane in a dystopian story called Spider-Man: Reign by Kaare Andrews.

5) Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four

Benjamin Grimm or the Thing’s as he is called is made up completely of rock. With that being said, even his reproductive parts are made up of rock and therefore he is unable to be intimate with anyone. This is the reason why his girlfriend, Alicia, dumps him for Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.