A Major Fantastic Four Enemy Could Be Main Villain In Black Panther 2


Black Panther came and completely owned the box office. The film earned over half a billion dollars in its first week, and while it shattered the records one after the other, it also brought to MCU, one of its greatest villains ever. There is no doubt that a Black Panther sequel will be made, but, it might just bring doom to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Doom to be precise!

Disney is expected to legally acquire 20th Century Fox soon, and it might give Marvel an entire new range of characters to play with. X-Men, Fantastic Four, and various legendary villains such as Doctor Doom, are only a few of those. What is even better is that all of them crossover to battle for the future of Wakanda in the 2010 Marvel Comics story titled “Doomwar,” which would be an ideal source for the Black Panther sequel.

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Doomwar showed the evil Doctor Doom bring down the Wakandan government, capture the vibranium reserves, and in fact, he even impressed the Panther God Bast due to his unwavering focus on villainy. That was just the beginning. Doctor Doom is the most suitable villain for Black Panther. He is absolutely savage, strong-willed, and unbelievably intelligent. He also happens to be the King of Latveria. Could there ever be a better challenger to a king than another king?

However, if he has to beat back Doctor Doom and his army comprising of magically powered Doombots, Black Panther must get some support. If T’Challa has to win, he needs another Black Panther in the form of his sister Shuri, and famous X-Men such as Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Psylocke, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool and a special strike force of the Dora Milaje also known as the Midnight Angels.

Isn’t that obvious? The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are preoccupied with other challenges, and who will come to Black Panther’s aid? Of course, the newly acquired troops, who are raring to go after having spent years abroad at 20th Century Fox. This would make the Black Panther sequel, a gigantic film that the character deserves after the record-shattering debut. It would also be a faultless merger of the Fox-owned characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just to imagine how Deadpool will relish slicing the Doombots in tandem with the elite squad of Dora Milaje, is the kind of stuff which nerdy dreams are all about.

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However, what might be the most fascinating thing is that “Doomwar” is neither a brutal battle nor a story of fist-fights between spandex draped heroes. It is a saga of political plotting, conspiracy and a game of mental superiority as well as some tough decisions. For example, this might be a Spoiler Alert for those who are not interested in knowing what happens next.

Black Panther has to forego the economic prosperity of Wakanda by making the entire Vibranium reserves useless. Black Panther also invents a brand new stream of science called Shadow Physics in Doomwar, something which is a hybrid of alchemy and quantum physics. Now, that we think of it, did Tony Stark ever invent a brand new science?