A Summary Of Heidi Klum’s Craziest Halloween Costumes


Heidi Klum’s Halloween costumes are the talk of the town during this time of the year. Every year, fans keep an eye on her latest ideas regarding Halloween. While some are controversial and might be considered insulting to specific cultures, the actress has also surprised her fans with her costumes.

She goes on to don a new and crazy outfit every year and has been keeping up with the streak for nearly two decades now. Sadly, her streak of about 20 years is coming to an end in 2020, and that means that fans cannot enjoy some of her best works and attires over the years.

This is because the United States has banned any costume party this year, owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The nation has been in a lockdown for seven months, and that means that the supermodel won’t be able to show off her latest idea this year. However, fear not! We have a list of the supermodel’s craziest Halloween costumes over the years.

2000 – Dominatrix


2001 – Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva

2002 – Betty Boop

Betty Boop

2003 – Golden Girl

Golden Girl

2004 – Witch


2005 – Vampire


2006 – The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit

2007 – Cat


2008 – The Hindu Goddess Kali

The Hindu Goddess Kali

2009 – Crow


2010 – Robot


2011 – An Ape and a Human Body

An Ape and a Human Body

2012 – Cleopatra


2013 – Old Lady

Old Lady

2014 – Butterfly

2015 – Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit

2016 – herself (Heidi Klum)

herself (Heidi Klum)

2017 – Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

2018 – Fiona from Shrek

Fiona from Shrek

2019 – A Firework and a Flesh-eating Alien

A Firework and a Flesh-eating Alien

Seeing this, one can only confer that America’s Got Talent judge pulls all the stops to make a dramatic and memorable entry during Halloween.