A Throwback To Changes Katie Price Has Made With Cosmetic Surgeries Over The Years

A Throwback To Changes Katie Price Has Made With Cosmetic Surgeries Over The Years

Like many other celebs, Katie Price has undergone several cosmetic surgeries over the years, changing her natural look. She started as a bright and gorgeous teenager, and from there, throughout her journey as a glam queen, she has experienced several changes. However, the very essence of her beauty is still the same, winning over the hearts of many fans.

The 43-year-old star has undergone several fillers, botox, and facelifts, and she recently unveiled a new look after an eye and brow lift in Belgium last month. After almost two decades of changes, here is a list of the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone so far –

1998: She started her journey in the glamor industry in 1995 as a 17-year-old, and after three years, she decided to increase her breast cups from 32B to 32C.


1999: Katie underwent surgeries to get her C cup increased to a D cup, and only after a few months did she goes under the knife to get an F cup size.


2001: At 21, Katie got her first lip filler cosmetic procedure. After this time, her style and appearance gradually started changing.


2004: Katie’s experiments with Botox injections started this year, and she also decided not to have a facelift in the near future.


2006: This time, Katie decided to raise her F cup breasts to G cup. She also underwent some cosmetic procedures with fillers and Botox.


2007: Katie underwent rhinoplasty and tried chemical peel treatment.


2008: After years of increasing her breast cup sizes, she got back down from an F cup to a C cup.


2011: Katie’s detest for small chest led her to get back to the bust of an F cup. This was followed by some body-contouring treatment and cheek and lip fillers.


2016: After the breast-reduction surgery disaster in 2015, she decided to get her bust to 32GG. She also had her eyebrows and lips tattooed.


2017: This is the first time she opted to do a ‘Silhouette’ facelift.


2018: Katie decided to correct her previous facelift this year.


2019: She opted for a full-body transformation along with a face, eye, and eyelid lift, Brazilian bum lift, and a tummy tuck. She got back down to the breast size of a D cup.


2021: After Katie did a set of veneers in 2020, she underwent full body liposuction, eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, and fat injection into her derriere.