Adele Steals the ‘SNL’ Teaser Spotlight With Her 100-pounds Weight Loss

Adele Steals the 'SNL' Teaser Spotlight With Her 100-pounds Weight Loss

Adele Saturday Night Live

Adele shocked her fans after appearing on Saturday Night Live to promote her new work. She seems to have lost nearly 100 pounds of weight. Her comeback is met with a good favor as she showed off her amazingly toned body in the show. The singer was set to appear in the comedy show on October 24, and her body transformation left the audience and the fans speechless and pleasantly surprised. It seems to be all that they could talk about later. She flaunts her newly obtained figure on Saturday Night Live promo, and the singer looked shockingly different.

Adele surprise to the fans

It is also a surprise to the fans as this is the first time in months that people have seen her in public. Before she announced being an SNL hostess, the famous singer posted a full body shot of herself while celebrating the Notting Hill Carnival in August.

Adele yoga pants and a bikini top

She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a bikini top. The 15 times Grammy-winning singer looked flawless and unrecognizable after shedding 100 pounds. We get to see her again recently, and it is evident that the musician has been dieting and working out fervently over the summer.

Adele velvet top

The singer showed off her body in a velvet top during her significant return to the limelight. The teaser shows how Adele was standing along with the show regular Kate McKinnon and another musical guest, H.E.R. It can be seen that the Someone Like You singer has lost a lot of weight. Fans are transfixed with this transformation and could not stop talking about it. They are also speculating that the singer will be dropping the album she promised during her feat in SNL.