After Coming Out As Non-Binary And Using They/Them Pronouns, Demi Lovato States They’re A “Daddy’s Daughter” In The Caption Of Sultry Instagram Photographs

After Coming Out As Non-Binary And Using TheyThem Pronouns, Demi Lovato States They're A Daddy's Daughter In The Caption Of Sultry Instagram Photographs

Despite coming out as non-binary last year, Demi Lovato referred to herself as a “daddy’s girl” in the caption of a recent Instagram image.’You may call me whatever you want, but I’m still daddy’s girl…’ wrote the celebrity, who shared a slideshow of hot photos wearing a pleated little skirt.

A trimmed white tank top, a fashionable black jacket, and a pair of Converse elevated sneakers completed Lovato’s sultry ensemble. The singer’s ultra-short hair was slicked back, allowing them to flaunt their long-hanging earrings in the photos. The singer’s whole look was grasping. Once again, she pulled out a stunning look.

In May 2021, Lovato came out as non-binary on an episode of their podcast, 4D with Demi Lovato. ‘I’ve been doing some therapeutic and inner work for the past year and a half,’ she stated. ‘And as a result of this work, I’ve realized that I am identified as a genderqueer.’ As a result, I’ll be using they/them as my pronouns.

‘The non-binary status’ according to Lovato, better portrays the flexibility she experiences in her gender expression and allows her to feel most real and true to the person that she both knows and is continuously finding.

They go on to explain that they’ve already overdosed in 2018 because they ignored signs that they were non-binary. They believed they had to be ‘the seductive, feminine pop diva in the leotard,’ they added.

‘I felt that was who I was supposed to be, and now I just see that living your truth is far more crucial than suppressing yourself because this is what occurs when you do,’ she continued. Lovato showed a new tattoo on her forearm around a week ago, and Thursday’s Instagram image came about a week after that.

The image also confirms that she feels proud to have finally acknowledged herself. Through her statement, she inspires others as well to recognize who they are and embrace it. The singer uploaded a black-and-white snapshot of her new tattoo, which read, “Choose Love.” It was probably related to her new self.

She praises the work of the organization Choose Love. ‘I’m impressed by the work that @chooselove and their partners are doing to support refugees all over the world, particularly those fleeing Ukraine,’ they continued. Choose Love is a non-profit organization that helps refugees and people in need all around the world.