Again, In News- Kim And Chaney’s Looks

Again, In News- Kim And Chaney’s Looks

It’s been in the news for a long time that Jones- Kanye’s ex-girlfriend imitates Kim’s fashion style. Many times, Kim has been asked what she feels about it, seems like, the star has finally opened up herself. Kim, at last, spoke about Chaney Jones.

The fashion model appeared on an invitation on the podcast- Not Skinny Not Fat hosted by Amanda Hirsch. In its latest episode, which aired last Tuesday, she was asked her opinion about Jones, whom many people claim to be Kim’s doppelganger.

It is known to all now, that Kanye met Jones, while he was still together with Julia Fox. The pair was first seen in January. The host without mentioning the name of Jones, asks that Kanye has been dating someone who has been claimed to look like you or at some point design her outfits like you.

Amanda focusing on how she feels about it, further enquires whether she feels indifferent about it, or if it’s normal for her? Kim being grand with her expression said that nothing about this makes her feel weird.

She further adds that her only intention now is to see West happy, and whatever will make him happy, she’s fine with it, be it whatever. She also comments that it’d be unfair for her to judge anyone and that everyone’s lifestyle choices would reflect what kind of a person they are. At last, she repeated again, that all she wants is his happiness.

In February, the news was out that West and Fox were no longer together and that he has been seeing 24-year-old model Chaney Jones, who was also seen at West’s Donda 2 party. He officially announced his relationship, as he posted about it on his Instagram handle on March 1.

Though he later deleted the post. There was news later that they are in a casual relationship, not in a serious relationship, and the couple only hangs out together as they are each other’s muse.

She also opens up about her current boyfriend- Pete Davidson, whom she met at the event of red carpet back in October. She also reveals the interesting story of Pete trying to obtain her number somehow, while conforming at the same time that Kim was in between a divorce or not.

She also gave details about her story as she says that he was aware of her hosting the SNL. As they talked, she told him, that she was nervous, and he offered to share numbers, in case, she wanted to talk.

The star wearing gloves at that time couldn’t act positively, and it hurt Pete as he left immediately, not even waiting enough for her to say, that he can ask for her number.