AJ Odudu being the perfect example of “being yourself”

AJ Odudu being the perfect example of “being yourself”

It is a successful yet full of struggle-based story of AJ Odudu. The black woman talks that in the ever-changing world she has managed to stick to herself and her promises to self. In this manipulative world the star has sticked true to herself, the only thing which matters at the end of the day.

She appeared on the show Strictly Come Dancing from where her journey started. She states that in her chosen career line it takes guts to feel courageous about oneself, but also adds that this self-promise is what brings her satisfaction and confidence.

The star has also appeared on the front page on Women’s Health UK in an incredibly well yellow swimsuit. Her fit physique at 34 was looking even suitable in the swimsuit as she addressed the issues.

She was seen explaining the importance of being yourself in an interview, in which she said that at times when she doesn’t feel confident, she reminds herself that it takes guts to be oneself.

She also adds the point of the dynamic world, where there are beauty and lifestyle standards, that it feels awesome and wholesome to overcome all these standards and live as per your want. She tells her fans that she likes to do experiment with her style and likes to change it following to different patterns.

But also feels little discouraged when people don’t acknowledge her. Focusing on her hair she said that they have been a topic of real discussion throughout her life. She feels bad about the thought that people care more about her hair than her talent.

She wants people to acknowledge her for her personality not physique. She has faced it and didn’t like when people frowned at her appearance. She also reveals that it’s tough for her and the work is exactly double as she is a black woman, comparative to white women in her field.

It’s something she has felt, even though none has asked her to do so. Highlighting that being black and in the industry, you automatically have to face more barriers and you know it. Being focused and oriented she keeps her focus on every single opportunity. She even caters to the setback which she faces, and don’t ever ignore them.

She also shows her disappointment on being ruled out when she faced a foot injury during final round of Strictly grand final against her competitor Kai Widdrington. Though she didn’t win the show, she made the best out it as being offered four high profile TV jobs.

Before appearing on the show, she has been seen in Love Island, Celebrity SAS: Who dares Wins, The Chase and Cooking With The Stars. She shares her overwhelming experiences of foot injury. She felt thankful for her body which got her to the final round, and worked so hard, but also felt bad as she couldn’t perform because of being harsh on it.

She further emphasizes on the importance of rest and letting your body relax. The star expresses her wish to work in America someday, of having her own show, but also prays that she didn’t forget her roots, which has given her everything.