Amanda Cerny Shows Off Her Peachy Booty As She Enjoys A Beach Day With Her Dog (11 Pics)

Amanda Cerny Shows Off Her Peachy Booty As She Enjoys A Beach Day With Her Dog

The model Amanda Cerny is blessed with a stunning physique and gorgeous curves. She is well aware of her beauty and never leaves out a single chance to mesmerize her followers. She has already garnered more than 24M followers with her beauty and charms. She was recently seen enjoying a beach day with her dog. She donned a skimpy pink bikini which showed off her sexy figure.

The pink ensemble she wore featured a skimpy crochet top with neck detailing, which was matched with a tiny pink bottom. The top highlighted her charming bosom and taut stomach while the bottom part flexed her gorgeous curves and toned legs. Her long dark locks were styled straight to fall on her back and shoulder. She wore the light side of the makeup palette, which highlighted her beautiful facial features.


Amanda Cerny sexy

In one of the pictures, she was seen posing with her back towards the camera. She sat on the beach with her dog as she held her food in her hand. She flashed a lovely smile at the mischief of her puppy, who was more interested in having a bite from her food. Her toned back and mind-blowing curves could be seen in the photo. The dog was also trying to show some affection as she cutely glared at the camera.


Amanda Cerny hot

She was also seen having her meal as the dog stared at her. She sat on the sand with her legs stretched which showed off her toned, attractive legs.

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Amanda Cerny sexy butt

She was also seen standing with her back towards the camera. She held the dog collar on her ass-cheeks to flaunt her peachy derriere. She smiled with her eyes closed while posing, which made her look graceful.


Amanda Cerny sexy pic

She was also seen tying back the collar to the puppy who was patiently sitting on the beach.


Amanda Cerny pretty bosom

Amanda also gave a full frontal view; her pretty bosom, taut midriff, and mesmerizing curves were highlighted by the ensemble she wore. She touched her hair while posing with a pout. She looked straight at the camera while holding her dog.


Amanda Cerny lovely pictures

Amanda also shared those lovely pictures with her Instagram followers. She used the caption, “My summer body and I would like to thank @trifecta- quality, fresh, nutrient dense meal prep delivery ftw- 40% off the Memorial Day with code BODYGOALS (emoji) #trifectanutrition #eatlikeyoutrain #iinvestdinthiscompanybecauseimobsessed.”


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