40 Awesome Behind-The-Scene Black Widow Images


There are two undeniable things about Marvel Cinematic Universe. One is that it is the absolute king of the box office and the other is that it has the most charismatic and lovable characters. Talking of the beloved characters, the one name which easily comes to mind is Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. While she was always portrayed as a deadly, no-nonsense assassin in the comic books, it is her big screen debut which has totally bewitched the fans. First of all, MCU pulled off a stunning casting choice by getting hold of Scarlett Johansson to play the role. ScarJo is not only athletic, but, drop-dead gorgeous. It won’t be wrong to say that MCU’s Black Widow can kill with her looks alone.

Scarlett Johansson debuted in the second Iron-Man movie, and right away proved to be a complete scene stealer on the big screen as the Black Widow. She is an original Avenger and for a while had a thing going with Mark Ruffalo’s character of the genius scientist Bruce Banner and his alter ego, the hugely popular Green Monster aka Hulk. Scarlett Johansson has done such a fantastic job as Black Widow that after a long spell of dilly-dallying, MCU has now reportedly set the wheels rolling for a Black Widow solo movie. To see what the gorgeous Black Widow does behind-the-scenes, we have got this compilation of mind-blowing images for the fans to relish. Have a look!

1. Cute!

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2. Badass!

3. With Stunt Double!

4. Sweet!

5. Crazy!

6. Amazing Walk!

7. Wow!

8. Amazing!

9. Movie Scene!

10. Wonderful!

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11. Nice Shot!

12. Stunt Double Fun!

13. Awww!

14. Hot!

15. With Stan Lee!

16. Fun On The Set!

17. Wonderful!

18. Haha!

19. Punching Loki!

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20. Camera Rolling!

21. Cute Smile!

22. Stunning Actress!

23. Civil War Interview!

24. Civil War Interview!

25. Behind-the-scene!

26. Ohh Yeah!

27. Beauty!

28. Black Widow And Hulk!

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29. Awww!

30. Hehe!

31. Cool!

32. Winking!

33. VFX!

34. Red Head Hot!

35. LMAO!

36. With Co-Star!

37. Remember the Scene!

38. Funny!

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39. What Are They Focusing On!

40. And Action!