Another Product Line From The Popstar Jessica Simpson

Another Product Line From The Popstar Jessica Simpson

A creative idea pops up from Jessica Simpson’s mind as she says that she wishes to launch a clothing line, not for women, but men. She reveals her desire that she always wanted a men’s clothing line and finally she’s doing it and feels very ecstatic about it. It won’t be her first try at launching a product line.

Jessica holds experience as she has previously launched beauty products and worked on women’s clothing lines as well. The 41-year-old artist is very creative and is always on the outlook of creating something new. Mother of three kids- Maxwell-9, Ace-8, and Birdie-3, she is married to Eric Johnson.

She reveals that her husband Eric would be a perfect model for her new clothing line. Of course, while having a fit and handsome husband, what’s the need of looking for any model? She also adds that it might be a little hard to convince him for the shoot after the NFL’s tough end.

The celebrity singer says that she knows well enough how a men’s body should look in jeans and would be working on the same. She launched her company back in 2005 but got whole ownership only in October 2021. Currently, the brand is valued at one billion dollars.

She also explains the reason for retaining a hundred percent ownership is that it makes you answerable to no one and one can freely express oneself. Though she excluded her mommy dearest from the list saying that even after all these years, she still instructs her.

In her shoots, we can see her product line of high heels which she pairs with a white pant. She also talks about her working relationship with her mother saying that both of them are each other’s bosses. And further expresses her thoughts on their working relationship being healthy and positive and that she thoroughly enjoys working with her mother.

She wins her customers’ trust. She adds to the interview that they can trust with her names written on things and that this goes on for a lifetime. She has believed in her quality-based product line, which is a fine thing to add to the successful star. She also says she likes working with her mother and that they listen to and value each other’s opinions and work in harmony.