Another Sex Scandal With Keeping Up With The Kardashians


Another celebrity sex scandal surfaces as the news of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape getting leaked gets viral. The model has been found contacting her lawyers, as the rumor is getting more attention.

The recording is to have been possessed by her sex partner Ray J, who is now planning to leak it. The tape was recorded in Cabo San Lucas, when the star celebrated her 22md birthday with Ray J- her 41-year-old ex-partner, in 2002.

The videotape was released in the year 2007, with a total duration of 41 minutes by Vivid Entertainment. The video was titled, Kim Kardashian. Sources have revealed that Kim was aware of the recordings.

She has sought help from lawyers and said that not in this lifetime she is let this happen to her again. It’s unclear whether the blackmailing footage was a part of the alleged sex tape, which Kim’s third and divorced husband Kanye got from Ray J.

Kanye insensitively comments on the same saying that he got the laptop from Ray J. He informs that on seeing the content Kim cried as she realized nobody actually loved her and just use her as an object.

After that everywhere there was only footage clip only- on the way to Mexico, clubs, restaurants on the same trip only. Kim is trying all she can to forget about what happened back years ago.

She is putting all her focus on her new life and trying to make the best out of it. Immersing herself being a mother, an entrepreneur, and also working as a justice reformist has set a positive tone for her lifestyle.

She wishes to stick to this lifestyle and refuses that there are any other copies. She texts the singer sharing concern about her children. The issue started 10 months back when the star admitted that the success of Keeping up with the Kardashians is because of the publicity.

But now being a mother tables have turned. She has been seen as concerned about her children who are about age now to understand the news. She was asked in an interview what she plans to tell her children when they will get to know about the sex tape.

To this, she replied that she hadn’t felt the need yet to inform them anything. Kim is a mother to four children- North, 8-year-old, Saint-5, Chicago-4. Psalm – about to be three months old. She says that she’ll have to deal with this all her life and can’t escape it.

Plus with life going on, so many positive things have happened that it relieves her of what has happened in the past and makes her feel better. She has been blamed for using the tape for publicity. Not only Lim but her famous mom- Kris Jenner too.

The blame was put by Ian Halperin, a few years back. Ian claims to publish a sex tape, consent is required from both the partners. Vivid entertainment would not have been released without the prior consent of the Kardashians. But all these claims are said to be false.

For further information and to learn all the know-how of the Kardashians watch the reality show of the 41-year-old model-The Kardashians, which will be aired this Thursday on Hulu, along with Disney+ and Star plus.