Ant-Man And Wasp Did Something Weird In Their Bedroom, And It Is Still A Mystery, Here’s What Happened


Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne had been divorced. They had decided to take a trip to Vegas together in an attempt to rekindle the relationship, and it seemed like it was going great…


But then, Hank did something very weird. Something that is pretty awkward to do while making love.


What does one do after they have shrunken themselves down between a lady’s legs? Well, one could go all ‘Lemmiwinks ‘and head into the pleasure area, but that would require some breathing apparatus. The much bigger issue is what he thinks she would do once it was “her turn.”


This brings up many questions about the utilization of powers in the bedrooms of superheroes. What does Superman use do with Lois Lane? Is The Flash a bit too fast where it needs to be slow?

Keep on thinking and wondering.