Ant-Man Tried To Kill His Wife Wasp By Spraying Raid And Sending Army Of Ants, Here’s Why He Did It


Most comic book readers have learned to suspend all their disbelief and simply roll with the weird and absurd things that go on in the pages of comics. The more familiar one is with comic books, the harder it is to accept their favorite heroes becoming murderous, corrupt, and even perverted. These comics leave their readers baffled.  Most people think that Batman does not use guns, and Batman does not kill, but fans would know that this is untrue.

There are so many times in comic books that fans have seen bizarre things being done by their favorite heroes. These were sad moments, but they formed very interesting storylines.

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In the Marvel Comics Universe, Hank Pym (Ant-Man) had once physically abused his wife, the Wasp, while he was suffering from a mental breakdown. Hank Pym has been known to have a history of domestic violence, and it is second nature to him.

The much more edgy world of Ultimates Marvel universe had taken took this to a whole new level, and the result was very horrifying. Instead of a ‘Rhett Butler–esque’ slap which hat Ant-Man gives Wasp in the comics universe, the Ultimates universe showed the fans a physical brawl between these two characters.

The Wasp then shrinks down to escape her violent husband, but he finds her hiding place and hits her with Raid insect spray. He then laughs and says that it might feel like napalm for her.

When the Wasp keeps refusing to come out, he then puts on his ant-controlling helmet, and he sends an army of ants in order have her killed.

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The scariest thing is how soon the two get back together.