10 Arrowverse Photoshopped Fan Casting Which Could Have Been Incredible But Expensive.


Being a fan of a movie or a TV show is great, but the most frustrating thing is that you do not really have a say in who actually plays your favorite characters.

The casting choices can easily make or break a film in the eyes of all the fans, as can be remembered with complaints when Ben Affleck had been cast as Batman.

DC’s Arrowverse is a sub-universe of the DC Universe. The Arrowverse has 7 shows which are airing on the CW TV network, and some are web series which airs on CW Seed.

All the 7 shows have primary and secondary characters from DC’s world like The Flash, Supergirl, and Green Arrow.

Here, we are showcasing a few artworks from the fans and they depict who they felt would be a better cast in some roles in the Arrowverse:

1. Emma Watson As Supergirl

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2. Matt Damon as Green Arrow

3. Eminem As Captain Cold

4. Ryan Gosling As Green Arrow

5. Tom Welling As Superman

6. Topher Grace As The Atom

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7. Yvonne Strahovski As Supergirl

8. Adam Brody As The Flash

9. Natalie Dormer As Black Canary

10. Liam Neeson As Ra’s Al Ghul