Marvel: 25 Hilarious Logic Comics Make Fans ROFL About Infinity War


It is true that the Marvel Cinematic Universe features an incredibly complex shared network of plotlines that has not been seen in any other superhero franchise existing. To say that Marvel is awesome at fictional storytelling will be the understatement of the year because they happen to be the pioneers of the superhero genre.

Having said that, we have seen how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought forward some of the most iconic and unforgettable superheroes ever featured on the big screen. Not only heroes but, MCU has also perfectly portrayed a number of intimidating and infamous super villains and mischief mongers over the years. No doubt, all the good characters must be given a compelling origin story, and Marvel is not ignorant when it comes to bringing their characters to life on the silver screen. However, what makes Marvel Cinematic Universe characters truly special is their colorful and eccentric personalities which invariably make fans smile.

There is an inherent charm to the narrative of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies which can quickly transform from grim to funny and outright hilarious. It is a trademark of superhero films to test the limitations of reality, and daily logic doesn’t work there at times. This leads to some funny situations which are so entertaining and unusual that fans can’t suppress their laughter at all.

Despite defying logic with the superheroes, Marvel goes even further by putting their superheroes in insanely hilarious situations which make the audiences love them even more. Here we present to you 25 incredibly funny Marvel logic comics which will not make any sense, but, will still make the fans really delighted about the Avengers: Infinity War.

25. The Misunderstood Avenger

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24. Spidey Isn’t Impressed

23. Wrong Team, Ant-Man

22. Star Lord’s Groove

21. No Shields Required

20. Recipe For Disaster

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19. No Cats Allowed

18. Classy Captain

17. No Free Hugs

16. Technologically Impaired

15. Avengers Assembled

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14. Cap Is Clueless

13. Wrong Number

12. Thor’s Little Secret

11. Not A Fan

10. No Fly Zone

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9. Low-Key Insult

8. Too Cool For Tech Tools

7. Butterfingers

6. You Don’t Say

5. What’s A Bad Hair Day?

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4. Odd One Out

3. What A Deal!

2. Next Level Friendship


1. Extended Family

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