Avengers: Infinity War – Here Is The Latest Look At The Villains, The Infinity Gauntlet And Hulkbuster


In just about two and a half weeks, Avengers: Infinity War will hit the theaters worldwide, and the film is all set to be the mightiest superhero film ever. There are going to be a whopping 76 characters featured in it, including about three dozen superheroes and 8-9 villainous characters such as Thanos, Loki, and the Black Order. This mega movie is going to be a historical film for Marvel  Cinematic Universe.

The film’s digital marketing has been going on at full speed now and every new day is bringing along some new revelation related to the film. From the start of the last month, we have been watching new promotional posters, images and magazine covers being unveiled on nearly a daily basis. We have already seen almost all the film’s characters and glimpses of important plot points.

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Now, we are approaching mid-April and Avengers: Infinity War is really close, which makes the marketing campaign grow mightier with each day. New video clips and TV spots are regularly revealing new footage. To continue the onslaught Marvel has now unveiled the promo posters for Hulkbuster, all the villains of the film, and it as displayed all the Infinity Stones and how they are placed on the Infinity Gauntlet.

You can check out the latest promo images focusing on the Avengers: Infinity War villains:


Infinity Gauntlet


Corvus Glaive

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Proxima Midnight

Ebony Maw

Cull Obsidian