SPOILERS: 16 “Avengers: Infinity War” Spoiler Moments Which Rattled The Audiences Completely.


Well, since we are here on this article and we have all seen the film, let’s see what this film had for us. Keeping in mind that this is a review post read by those who have seen Avengers: Infinity War, let’s go ahead and check out this compilation of the most shocking moments of the film.

16. Captain America’s beard:

Well, we don’t think that all those who haven’t seen the film would have moved away from this page until now so let’s start with the most obvious so that they can still get a chance to move away unspoiled. It is shocking to see Captain America keep going with his beard after Civil War. We agree it looks good, but, seriously how did he get time to trim it in the face of an existential threat to the planet?

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15. Black Widow’s blonde hair:

Are you still reading it? You don’t get it that this is about SPOILERS and not meant for those who haven’t seen the film. We are giving you one more and the last chance because after this you will be spoiled. Anyway, BW looked fantastic. Wonder which salon managed to get that Scarlet streak out of her hair? It is not kid stuff to go blonde from red. Let’s move on to the genuine spoilers now!

14. Loki’s Death:

You might be wondering, “How could this be on number 14?” Well, the thing is, it was only a matter of time, and Loki is lucky to have survived four movies. Agreed to see him die so fast (within the first ten minutes of the film) was shocking, but, to see Thanos kill Loki wasn’t. He took away two of the six Infinity Stones that Thanos desired and had never fulfilled his commitments. Well, time for the legions of fangirls to cry on the death of Lord of Mischief.

13. Heimdall’s Death/Fate of Asgardians:

It was really shocking to see Heimdall die since he is quite powerful and there had been so many rumors about how he knew the Soul Stone’s whereabouts. Considering all that hype, it was a shock to see that he had no clue about the Stones. It was also heart-breaking to see half of the Asgardians being annihilated (where did Valkyrie go?), and we hope there is some explanation for it.

12. Issues with Banner/Hulk Transformation:

In the earlier Avengers movies, Hulk has played a prominent part, but, he is seen only once in Infinity War. Right at the start, he gets kicked big time by Thanos. After this defeat, the Hulk is afraid of stepping up to Thanos, no matter how hard Bruce Banner tries to transform. This might just be a fantastic build-up for a Hulk vs. Thanos no-holds-barred matchup in Avengers 4, but, that’s only speculation for now.

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11. Here Comes Game of Thrones.

So yes, Peter Dinklage is a part of this movie.  He is playing a huge and extremely unhappy dwarf whose expertise is to create incredible weapons for god type people.

However, after he made the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos, the Mad Titan destroyed all of his 300 co-workers and friends, so he cannot create another one. However, don’t forget the fact that it is Tyrion Lannister we are talking about.

10. The Soul Stone’s actual location:

So, apparently, all the theories on the internet were not useless after all. Gamora always knew exactly where the Soul Stone was and she spent her whole grown-up life telling lies about this so that she could protect it. The Soul Stone is on a random planet named Vormir and scroll below to find out who possessed it.

9. The Red Skull is alive:

He happens to be that ex who was struck off the guest list, but, anyway showed up at the party. Sadly he is not dead, and he guards the Soul Stone. Frankly, this was one of the “What?” moments here, but, it works. His past hobnobbing with the Infinity Stones gets him cursed to protect the Soul Stone. It remains to be seen how his being undead would impact Captain America’s story in Avengers 4.

8. Gamora’s sacrifice:

Thanos and Gamora had a frightening and absolutely gut-wrenching relationship. Thanos abducted her from her place, wiped out half of her people, compelled her to follow his thoughts, and still was never able to understand why would she hate him. However, when Red Skull said that the Soul Stone comes for a cost, and to earn the Stone, you must “lose that which you love,”  Thanos, sacrifices Gamora by hurling her down from a Vormir cliff and murdering her. It is obvious that he genuinely loved her, and this scene is one of the most shocking and dark scenes from the film.

7. Star-Lord proves to be an emotional fool:

Close to the end of the film, it appeared as if the heroes managed to turn the tables on Thanos on his home turf, Titan. Mantis gains control of his mind, while Iron-Man and Spider-Man start prizing the gauntlet off his hand. However, when the overpowered Thanos admits to having murdered Gamora, Star-Lord starts pounding at him, freeing him from Mantis’ control. Damn it, Star-Lord,  you ruined it all.

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6. Dr. Strange exchanges the Time Stone for Iron-Man’s life:

Thanos was almost finished with Iron-Man on Titan when out of nowhere, Dr. Strange offers to hand the Time Stone in return for Iron-Man’s life. It is quite an uncharacteristic move for Strange since he didn’t have a long-term understanding with Tony and he had taken an oath to guard the Stone with his life. After getting the Time Stone, Thanos departs to get hold of the Mind Stone on Earth. That’s when Strange admitted that out of the 14 million 605 various possible results of this war, the only one that would make them win necessitated this deal.

5. Incredible comeback by Thor

If someone had asked us back in 2011 if Thor could be the true favorite of us,  our reply might have been in the negative. However, the brilliance of Thor: Ragnarok and Thor’s story in Avengers: Infinity War has made us a loyal Thorardian. Therefore, when he landed in Wakanda hurling the Stormbreaker, his new ax (Yes, an ax and not a hammer), it was sheer delight.

4. The violent killing of Vision/Tricks of the Time Stone:

Just when it appeared that Scarlet Witch and Vision succeeded in fooling Thanos, the Time Stone ruined things big time. The truth was that Scarlet Witch was compelled to destroy the Time Stone before Thanos reached it. She hesitatingly kills Vision and destroys the Mind Stone just as Thanos reaches there. But, nothing ever came easy. Thanos uses the Time Stone to undo her actions and brutally rips the Mind Stone out of Vision’s head.

3. Iron Man has a flip phone?:

This list is all about the shocking moments, and it was incredibly shocking to see that they are still making flip phones these days. Is this movie based in 2007? Does Tony Stark pay by the minute? He attends to calls directly in the Iron-Man suit, but, he uses a flip phone? Certainly a shocker.

2. The multiple instant deaths and the edge of the seat ending:

Right in the closing sequence of the movie (with only seconds to go), Bucky, Groot, Black Panther, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Mantis, Drax, Star-Lord, Dr. Strange and Spider-Man all crumble into powdery ash, leaving behind the other Avengers alive and mortally frightened. We often see the bad guys taking down one or two characters, but, it has never been seen before that a bad guy wins so comprehensively, and the fact that the screen simply goes black after that was truly a huge shocker coming from Marvel.

1. The post-credits sequence:

If you happen to be soeone who didn’t wait for the post-credits scene then who are you? Have you been doing this kind of thing earlier too? The thing is this film is so shocking that even if there was nothing else after the credits, we still couldn’t get up from the seat due to the shock.

After the credits stop rolling, we saw Nick Fury and Maria Hill also getting turned into powdery ash. Just before his death, Fury messaged an unknown hero, who happens to be Captain Marvel. Now if you have read the comics, you know this girl is super dangerous. If there is anyone who can reverse time, save the Avengers and kill Thanos, it has to be Captain Marvel.