Stan Lee Is Not Going To Let Thanos Get Away With What He did In Avengers: Infinity War


The Marvel comics icon and co-creator of legendary superheroes such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, and others appeared on social media to express his anguish with Thanos after the villain’s snap killed half of life from the Universe. You can check the video below.

Holy smoke!” says Lee. “I go out of town for a few days, and when I get back I find out that Thanos has destroyed everything! All my characters. That’s the last time I ever take a discount vacation.

“Well, unfortunately, it means a lot of new work for me. Don’t worry. Before you know it, I’ll have our friends up and at ’em. And if I were Thanos, I’d start getting out of town. Excelsior!”

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Avengers: Infinity War has turned out to be the most successful movie of the year, leading to varied reactions from people who were compelled to witness the devastation caused by the finger snap of the Infinity Gauntlet wielding Mad Titan.

Lee had a cameo at the start of the film, where he played the bus driver for Peter Parker’s high school during the first attack on New York City by Black Order. He has also filmed a cameo which will be a part of next year’s Avengers 4.

Lee has been in the news very often during the last few months as there has been speculation about him being the victim of elder abuse and theft by those surrounding him. The 95-year-old has recently returned to posting on his Twitter account frequently, assisted by his business partner Keya Morgan.

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Some of the news related to him have been quite heartbreaking such as the news about his health scare during April’s Silicon Valley Comic Con. There have been some weird ones as well when it was alleged that somebody got hold of his blood and signed the old Black Panther comics written by Lee using it.

The iconic Marvel chief has added a number of videos recently to Twitter to interact with his fans, and we feel that things are all good with him now.

You can still catch Avengers: Infinity War in theaters.