25 Avengers Infinity War Toys Have Revealed Awesome Weapons And Sequences.


Before any of you gets upset at us for revealing the movie’s spoilers, let’s clarify certain things. This is an article that talks about potential spoilers for the Avengers: Infinity War, and if you are reading this, then you are aware of it. Since the film will hit theaters tomorrow, everything herein is purely speculation and rumor as of now and is based on the toy line linked to the film. However, if what you read here turns out to be what happens in the movie, then treat this as your spoiler alert.

We would advise you to avoid believing wholeheartedly, the things mentioned here. It has often been seen that while some toys display the events of a movie that they are based on, but, there are also some toys which don’t have anything to do with the movie’s narrative or are slight variations of the actual movie elements. Toys are aimed to provide a different sort of joy to the people, and that makes it normal for toys to show things differently in comparison to movies. On occasions we see toys being made to look great so that they could sell faster.

Now that we are talking about toys for a film as massive as The Avengers: Infinity War, there is going to be a truckload of toys being associated with this mega event film. We have done thorough research on the various toys and toy related products available online or about to release. Let’s go ahead and check these 25 weird toys which have turned out to be Avengers: Infinity War spoilers! Or maybe not spoilers!

25. Classic Hawkeye Design

24. Hulk Is In The Hulkbuster

23. Teen Groot Ready For Combat

22. Black Widow Double Batons

21. Captain America’s Shield Returns

20. Black Widow’s New Gadgets

19. Captain America & Black Widow Defend The Space Stone

18. Falcon’s New Wings

17. High-Speed Nowhere Chase

16. Winter Soldier’s New Loadout

15. Hulk And The Soul Stone

14. Breaching Wakanda

13. Teen Groot Mercenary

12. Thanos’ Sword

11. Scarlet Witch/Vision Combo Moves

10. Iron Spider Has 4 Legs

9. Starlord’s Upgrades

8. The Vision Survives

7. First Look At Stormbringer

6. Thanos Gets Reality Stone First

5. Stormbringer Forged With Power Stone

4. Drilling For The Soul Stone

3. Thanos Completes The Gauntlet

2. Attack On Sanctum Santorum

1. Heimdall Falls