20 Plus Avengers Memes That Highlight The Dumb Side Of The Movies


Marvel’s Avengers franchise films have done exceptionally well. The special effects of these films are over and above what we expected. We have now become fond of the fantastic Avengers team. The way they indulge in friendly banter as they go around planning and fighting the enemies makes us repeatedly watch these films. Apart from the various positive things about the Avengers movies, there are some shortcomings too. In fact, there are moments when the Avengers appear as stupid as any movie ever.

While Spider-Man is a Marvel character, but, he has hardly ever appeared as an Avenger. The highly loved Marvel superheroes keep getting overlooked, and that’s the biggest problem with the Avengers movies. Whether we talk about The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron or the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, each of their movies are suffering from various issues which make us feel that movies are nonsense. Costumes which are no good as a disguise, childish arguments, and inexplicably missing heroes, are some of the issues which are regularly faced by the Avengers films.

Above all, people across the various age groups are able to come together and watch the Avengers films. People love Avengers movies irrespective of the problems because they feature a large number of our favorites such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

No matter what flaws the films have, there is a lot to relish about Marvel and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ version of these films. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen an Avengers movie (really, on which planet were you?), you can go ahead and enjoy the fun and topic of these comics. Go ahead and check out these Avengers meems which prove how the movies make no sense!

24. Fashion Statement Or Secretive Disguise?

23. When We Thought The Avengers Couldn’t Get More Characters

22. Do They Know I’m Not One Of Them?

21. Fight Like A Man!

20. The Secret Is I’m Always Angry

19. No Girls Allowed!

18. Thor And Loki Can’t Seem To Get Along

17. Iron Man Is Too Smart At Times

16. The Most Indestructible Item In The Avengers

15. She-Hulk And Iron Woman?

14. We Need More Spidey!

13. Hulk Smash Now!

12. May The Thor Be With You

11. The Dark World Throne

10. But It’s A Marvel Movie…

9. Take My Money

8. Ultron, The God Of Rock

7. Things To Fight Over

6. Why So Serious?

5. Why Wear A Mask? Everyone Knows Your Name

4. Gosh Darnit, Steve!

3. The World Is Complicated

2. No, We Must Fight In The Most Populated City

1. Thor’s Winter War