The Avengers Vs The Defenders: Infinite War Of Hilarious Memes


Marvel Cinematic Universe is an incredibly entertaining world teeming with superheroes and great entertainment. Right from the time, it dawned a decade ago with the impossible to ignore Tony Stark aka Iron-Man, the Marvel Studios’ franchise has ruled our hearts, and later we got Thor, Captain America, and ultimately the whole The Avengers team on the big screen.

The Avengers are a brilliant team. You have Iron-Man/Tony Stark who delivers great burns and dialogues even in a near-death scenario or Captain America who is always mindful of ethics (or language for that matter), Thor, the God of Thunder who finds humans amusing, the Hulk who primarily cares only about ‘smash smash’, Black Widow whose looks are as deadly as her combat skills accompanied by others. The team has now got an incredibly chirpy and excited duo of Spider-Man and the Ant-Man into the fold as well.

On the other hand, we have the Marvel Netflix superhero team called The Defenders. This is a small screen version of Earth’s protectors featuring obscure Marvel characters Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. While the shows exist within the MCU and correspond with the timeline and events of the movies, their tone and impact are quite contrary to The Avengers. The Defenders shows are dark and missing on the fun element of The Avengers. Simply said, they just don’t have it! This is reason enough for there to be scores of The Avengers Vs. The Defenders memes and let’s check out the best of them below!

Here is the reason?

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Call The Avengers!



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Yeah, The party!

They Don’t Give a S**t!

Line Up to Join the Avengers!

Ohh Yeah!


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Do Not Mess With Iron Man!

The Initiative!



Yeah, The Cool Avengers!

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Ohh, F**k!

Naww… We’re Good!!

Together for the first time!

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Hello, Alien!