The Time When Batman Got Addicted To The Drug Venom And Stopped Going Out Completely. Here’s How It Happened.


Batman has been around for decades, and he has been through a lot. He has seen people die, saved the world several times, nearly killed Joker on a weekly basis and so on. No wonder he is prone to some addictions to pick himself up as the vigilante who prowls the dark nights of Gotham City (Is this why he is called the Dark Knight of Gotham?).

Venom is a super-steroid which was initially formulated on the basis of Hourman’s Miraclo formula, but, minus the time limit. Batman first tried it in 1991’s Batman: Legends of The Dark Knight #16 created by the trio of Denny O’Neil, Trevor Von Eeden, and Russell Braun.

When he failed in his efforts to rescue a girl trapped under a boulder, Batman took the Venom capsules prescribed by the drug maker father of the girl. The capsules enhanced Batman’s strength, and he got addicted to them. However, there was a down-side to this addiction that Batman’s anti-social tendencies became overpowering. There came a time when Batman made Alfred seal him inside the Batcave for a full month.

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Although Batman was incapable of dealing with Venom, it is the drug that Bane prefers and has perfected its concoction courtesy years of fighting with Batman. Back in 2011, the comic book Secret Six #36 by Gail Simone and J. Calafiore had the Six stuff themselves with Venom dose and resolved “to go out like Gods.”, which made their final confrontation a noisy and frothy affair.