The Time When Batman And Punisher Fought Brutally, And The Bat Won, Here’s How It Happened


We all know that Gotham City is the most dangerous city in which one can live in the DC Universe. Mad scientists, criminals flood and vigilantes thrive in the metropolis, and this makes it difficult for justice to prevail. While he is hunting for an enemy, the Punisher is led to a factory in Gotham, and after he reached there, he guns down many henchmen in search of boss Jigsaw.

The bullets fly in the altercation, and this gains the attention of Batman, who then stops Castle from killing Jigsaw’s henchmen. The two characters engage in a fight, and Castle gets away and locates Jigsaw at a nightclub. It seems that he was working with the Joker and hoped to take over Gotham. A shootout then ensues, and Batman lands on the scene to protect the turf.

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Batman and Punisher then fight on the same side, and they take on each other’s villains. The Batman arrests Jigsaw, and Punisher chases the Joker.

In a pretty dark alley, the Joker then pleads, and before Castle shoots him, Batman steps in, and the Joker escapes. The two of them duke it out, and Batman wins the bout.

Batman then warns Frank to Castle never to come to Gotham again.