19 Epic Batman And Robin Memes That You Cannot Miss


In comic book history, the most obvious and lasting hero/sidekick pairing is Batman and Robin. They have become the world’s most famous duo. They have been fighting crime together for ages and have together tried to bring justice and end the darkness that cover the streets of Gotham. This team of Batman and Robin is fondly referred to as the Dynamic Duo or the Caped Crusaders.

Batman is Bruce Wayne who has taken it upon himself to keep the city safe after the death of his parents’ when he was just a young boy.  Robin’s very first incarnation was Dick Grayson and he made his debut in Detective Comics #38 in 1940.

We can agree that the popularity of the sidekick did fade over but and sidekicks are a crucial huge part of comic book history. Robin has played a very significant role in the history and the future of the entire Batman mythos.

Over the years, the popular duo has become the source of fun videos and a whole lot of memes. The comics have seen many young boys take up the mantle of Robin but whoever the boy is, Batman adopts and trains them to take down villains with minimal effort.

In the light of this, here are 19 hilarious Batman and Robin memes:

1. WTF!

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2. Ridiculous!

3. Amazing!

4. More Realistic!

5. Hell Yeah!

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6. Stop Checking In!

7. Batcopter!

8. Haha!

9. Lol!

10. Haww!

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11. Stop Slapping!

12. Gross!

13. It’s Over!

14. Coolest Duo!

15. Silly Couple!

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16. Oh Shit!

17. Haha!

18. Here I Come!

19. Hurry Up, Robin!