This Is How Batman Can Beat All The Avengers


Batman might be devoid of superpowers, but, that hasn’t stopped him from being famous as a mighty force in the DC Universe. He has an incredible mind, expert combat skills and a plethora of gadgets. Using these abilities he has repeatedly shown how he can not only handle the supervillains but, at times even his fellows from Justice League as well. Although fan debates about how Batman will perform in an all-out fight with Superman (we have already got glimpses in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), there is one fight that many people won’t have imagined: Batman Vs. Avengers. However, screenwriter Max Landis thought about it, and he figured out how Batman would beat the Avengers.

The writer of Chronicle explained on Twitter how in his opinion, Batman would defeat the Avengers in a city environment. To begin with, Batman would instantly use a dart to take out Bruce Banner before letting him turn into The Hulk. He would then hack Iron-Man’s suit and take out Vision with an EMP. Thor would be taken care of by getting him “Batwing’d into a building and then glued down with polymer.” His combat skills will take care of Black Widow and Hawkeye, and the last man standing that he would fight is Captain America. According to Landis, Captain would be a challenge, but, Batman would beat him eventually. He also said that Batman taking these heroes would be a better scenario since “he wouldn’t be able to use the city against them as effectively.”

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You can read the entire theory by Landis’ below:

While Landis makes an interesting case, but, it is highly blown up. We agree how Batman is a master crimefighter, but, here Batman has been shown to be something like a Bat-God! Landis agreed that Batman’s best utility is as a “domineering and intense force of nature” whereas the Avengers do their best when threatened and it is this approach which makes this fight appear prejudiced compared to an actual fight. No matter how clever Batman is, we can’t really believe that he would be able to do all this while battling the Avengers as a normal human being.

Landis has also not given much consideration to the fighting skills of Black Widow and Hawkeye. Can they match up to Batman? That can’t be said with certainty, but, it is also unlikely that they won’t give him a tough fight. Also Tony Stark is not a dumbo, not even against Bruce Wayne, and we all know the strategy skills of Steve Rogers.  There is no reason why those two won’t have a plan ready to overpower the Gotham City vigilante with the support of their fellow Avengers.

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Although a Batman vs. Avengers fight has never been there, we have seen him take on a Marvel hero. There was a DC vs. Marvel comic book crossover back in the 90s and Batman successfully battled Captain America (a result decided by fan votes), but, they soon teamed up along with the other Marvel and DC heroes. Batman has also done a team up with Spider-Man and Daredevil in other crossover tales, but, they never fought each other.

The possibility of such a fight is nil, so this is one topic which will remain confined to fan imaginations. However, if you want to see how Batman fares against Superman, you can check out Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!