Batman Has Beaten Marvel’s Mighty Hulk In A Comic Book


One can ask, ‘who will win Hulk or Batman?’ Well, the better question is ‘who should win in the battle between Hulk and Batman?’ A fight between The Dark Knight and the Green Goliath has taken place.

Batman detonated a sleeping gas bomb that the indestructible Hulk has shown much vulnerability to.

The problem is that getting him to inhale this ad the Hulks can hold his breath for a month. Batman was smart and thought of this, and he follows the gas attack with a kick on Hulk’s gut.

One could ask if the man who withstood an attack from the strongest beings in the universe; the Gladiator’s heat vision shooting through his chest can withstand a kick from a puny man like Bruce Wayne. In the world of Marvel canon, this may be true, but we are dealing with a DC/Marvel Crossover.

Batman’s attack has a huge effect, and the Hulk breathes in this gas and gets knocked out. He then crashes to the ground.

The Hulk, when he gets furious would kill Batman. And the Bat is a crafty man and is also a skilled detective, and he has a very well-equipped utility belt. The Hulk has punched an asteroid before.

Batman is intelligent and smart. He can easily outsmart and overcome Hulk during this fight.