Here’s Why We Can See Batman Beyond In Legends Of Tomorrow Very Soon


Arrow costume designer Andy Poon recently posted a Batman Beyond costume that he had designed for fun. Poon’s rendition of the Batman Beyond costume has gotten fans excited with anticipation that Batman is coming to “Arrowverse.”

And why not? It’s a storyline perfectly suited for a Legend of Tomorrow series.

Time Games

Firstly, Legends is the perfect venue for a “Batman Beyond” story because the current Arrowverse series is best suited in the future era. The Batman Beyond series is set 30 years ahead of time.

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Arrow has already established that Bruce Wayne / Batman actually exists somewhere in the Arrowverse, so a future where Bruce trains Batman Beyond /Terry McGinnis is equally plausible. It would be the sort of “event” story arc that could definitely give viewers dedicated viewing for a few weeks. Given how Legends has on the verge of cancellation throughout its run, a guaranteed rating booster would be a major boost.

Future Spinoff Plans

While this article is based on Legends being a launchpad for the Batman Begins franchise, it isn’t the only idea. Batman Begins is a big enough concept to span across several Arrowverse series – possibly as a major crossover event with a few or all of the series. The story could begin in the future and then bring Batman Beyond into the past or vice versa. It works equally well for the Arrowverse heroes to investigate a mysterious new character capable of taking them down only to discover that Terry McGinnis is on a mission through time to stop some kind of threat in its tracks. This would require the help of some or all of the Arrowverse heroes to travel to the future to save the situation. It’s a pretty standard storytelling.

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If the Batman Beyond concept was a hit with viewers, it could lead to a potential full Batman Beyond live-action series.

Batman Limited

However, they may run into some legal issues as the live-action Batman tv rights are owned by 20th Century Fox and not Time Warner (Warner Bros. In the ’60s, National Periodical Publications sold the Batman TV rights to ABC, who then sold to Fox. Fox produced the Adam West Batman TV series, and has held the rights until the modern day Batman TV series: Gotham started.

As far as legal is concerned, it is not known if Fox’s Batman TV ownership extends to that property, or is considered a separate entity. It’s also unknown if Fox can allow, Batman Beyond onto Arrowverse shows. Also with the recent pending Disney buying up the rights to Fox deal, this could potentially give the Batman live-action TV rights to  Disney, moving it even further away from its Arrowverse universe.