Arrowverse Character Designer Reveals “BATMAN BEYOND” Designs That Could Have Been Used In the Show


Andy Poon is a prolific character designer who has worked on a number of Arrowverseshow, and he has recently shared early concept art for a Batman Beyond suit on Instagram. Sadly, the revelation is not a precursor to Terry McGinnis entering the Arrowverse. Poon promptly clarified that the suit was something he created for a personal project.

The concept is a good one because you don’t see 3D iterations of the character very often, and generally, those are limited to either video games or fan videos. At the same time, we have never seen the character feature in the live-action medium.

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Batman Beyond debuted in the Batman Beyond animated series, which in fact, was a spinoff of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures. It had a run between 1999-2001 and visualized a futuristic version of Gotham where Bruce Wayne is no longer Batman. A high school student Terry McGinnis eventually took up the mantle of Gotham’s guardian after he found out Bruce’s secret.

Although Poon clarified that the concept was his personal project, there have been recent hints in Arrowverse about Batman being active in the shared universe and someone who is not unknown to the other Arrowversecharacters. It is not impossible for Batman Beyond to plug in the Batman vacuum that exists, but, we would caution you against anticipating anything.