The Time When Batman Forced Robin To Eat Rats and Locked Him Up In The Batcave, Here’s What Happened.

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Batman and Robin or The Dynamic Duo. They have both come a long way since Bruce Wayne hired Dick Grayson to be his sidekick.

It all started when a Bruce Wayne went to a circus. There, tragedy struck the Grayson family when a local gangster named Boss Zucco kills Dick Grayson’s acrobatic parents, orphaning the 12-year-old boy. Bruce quickly adopts Dick as his ward and takes him under his wing, promising to avenge his parents and recruit him to a life of vigilantism. However, there have been times when Batman would make Robin do the craziest and weirdest things which are a Big no. In this article let’s take a look at the time when Batman made Robin eat rats!

In the All-Star Batman and Robin, Batman was a complete jerk to Robin. Frank Miller warped Bruce Wayne’s view of the world and made him treat Dick Grayson like a punching bag. It all started on a night out at the circus, when Bruce Wayne and his date Vicki Vale watched in horror as Dick’s parents are murdered by a hitman. Batman immediately takes Dick under his wing. With the condition that he was not allowed to cry.


Bruce Wayne gave the ultimatum saying: receive my training and avenge your parents, but show no emotion and eat what I tell you. As Bruce Wayne forced Robin to survive by himself in the Batcave. If he got hungry, Bruce told him to eat the rats that loitered about. When Alfred heard about this, he sneaked in a Big Mac and fries for Robin, to which Bruce yells at him saying, “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Alfred?”. This shows that Batman has serious issues.