The Time When Batman’s Butler Almost Killed Superman In A Bare Hand Fight, Here’s How It Happened


Alert: This article contains major spoilers related to Injustice: Gods Among Us #36.

Are you following the comic book series Injustice: Gods Among Us? It is a weekly digital comic which comes out every Tuesday and then gets compiled in print on the final Wednesday of the month. In case you are not, then get ready to be surprised!

While playing the video game, one finds out that there are two alternate universes in action here. The Injustice Universe features a world where Joker prevailed and made Superman go evil and the other universe where Batman used a device which let him travel across time and multiverses to prevent Joker from bombing Metropolis by bringing him and various other Justice League members to his universe. This comic book describes the various events which ultimately lead to the scenario in the universe where Joker destroyed the entire Metropolis by nuking it.

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The writer of the series, Tom Taylor, is a true genius and he just wrapped up the first year of the timeline of the comic books. In case you believed you were aware of what took place in that universe because you played the game, then you are mistaken. Among the biggest chapters of the comic books, which barely gets a mention in the game is the death of Nightwing.

Damian Wayne inadvertently killed Dick Grayson. In the timeline of this comics, Damian is 13-years-old. As seen in the previous stories of this timeline, Dick and Damian argue a lot. The common thing is that Damian gets angry with Dick and hurls his escrima stick at Dick’s head. Normally Dick catches it. However, during a battle which took place inside Arkham and had rioting inmates as well as the Justice League, he gets pissed off by Dick and throws his stick at him again. Dick fails to catch it and gets hit in the temple, causing him to fall on to a rock. His neck is broken in the process, and he dies. That made Batman push Damian aside and shout “Get off of him! You killed my son.”

In case you felt that was terrible enough, Superman kills Green Arrow. And he abandons his father, who had an arrow protruding out of his shoulder to go attack Batman, rather than helping him. However, when Superman lands at the Batcave, the most iconic battle between the two heroes takes place. Oh, you have seen them fight before, right? This is an entirely different thing, and this is a no holds barred matchup between the two.

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Superman ends up nearly killing Batman and breaks his back, and that’s when a most unexpected person enters to beat the Man of Steel. Alfred consumed the super-pill which Green Arrow had perished trying to hand over to Batman to duplicate. That’s when Alfred enters and headbutts Superman so hard that his nose is broken.

He proceeds to knock him down and says that he was extremely disappointed by Superman.

Alfred slams a kick in Superman’s face and punches him with more power.

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Then he smacks his face with another punch.

That’s when Superman became the sole ruler of the world and established his One World Government and its armies.

If all that sounds crazy, Tom Taylor will also write Earth 2 soon! We are eager to find out what he will come up with next. Although It is unfortunate that James Robinson had to leave. So, are you reading the Injustice comic series or did you beat the game?