10 Beautiful Pictures Of Skye P Marshall Who Plays Hypnotic Kara Fowdy In Black Lightning.

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Skye P Marshall is making news with her fantastic role in the DC’s marvelous show, Black Lightning and also with her magnificent ass. Skye is playing the role of Kara Fowdy, a co-worker of the lead character  Jefferson Pierce, played by Cress Williams (He is the hunk who becomes Black Lightning). If you are seeing Skye for the first time in Black Lightning, I am sure you felt that she has a familiar face.

And you are not wrong, because we have already seen her in small roles for famous shows like  House M.D and NCIS (Sara Carter). We think that Kara Fowdy is going to play a more significant role in the life of Jefferson Pierce, we even believe that she has the acting caliber to even become the lead lady in the Black Lightning TV show pushing aside the ex-wife Lynn Pierce played by Christine Adams, who seems to get a lot more footage than Skye.

The show has already given us signs that Kara is interested in Jefferson and on top of it, fans are loving the teasing chemistry between these characters than what Jefferson-Lynn’s old husband-wife drama is serving us at this point.

We are expecting a major fallout between Lynn and Jefferson anytime that will help Skye Marshall’s character to get close to Black Lightning, and they would be a couple. Nobody can tell you how long that relationship can hold, but by god, it’s going to be a treat to watch Skye Marshall in her tight dresses show us that fantastic rear roaming in and out of our screens.


But all of this fanfiction can go into the gutter because the writers are trying to make her kind-of-a villain. She is currently being shown as the undercover government agent who helps to capture kids with Metahuman powers. The last thing we want to see right now is to see her die in the hands of Black Lightning.

We know that Skye Marshall has developed a massive cult following, and her wondrous backside could be one of the reasons for it, that’s why we dug deeper and found some of the most glorious pictures of Skye P Marshall especially for our Black Lightning fans. Here they are, enjoy:-

1. Skye Marshall Beautiful Ass Pose

Skye Marshall Ass

2. Skye P Marshall Majestic Thighs

Skye Marshall Butt

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3. Kara Fowdy Beautiful Photoshoot

Skye Marshall Hot

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