Bella Hadid Poses As Poison Ivy As She Had A Celebration With Her Friends In New York

Bella Hadid Poses As Poison Ivy As She Had a Celebration With Her Friends In New York

Bella truly looked like Batman’s nemeses, and her supervillain aura was undeniable. The 24-year-old model looked like Uma Thurman from the 1997 film Batman & Robin as she dresses up as the supervillain Poison Ivy.

The model shared some sizzling captures on her Instagram account with more than 34M followers. She posted a series of photos under the caption taken from Thurman’s character, “…one thing …i probably should’ve mentioned this earlier … I’m poison (emoji).

Bella Hadid (2)

Bella was seen crouching down in a dark green bodysuit that hugged her body to highlight her slender figure. She looked up at the camera while posing for the images. Bella teamed up her green bodysuit with a pair of knee-high patent leather boots of bright green color. She wore a string of Ivy around her waist. The model chose a scarlet wig that was twirled on her head to form two horn-like structures. She attached leaf appliqués under her brow over both eyes.

The model later posted two images in a follow-up post in which she was seen wearing the same costume. Though the photo she shared was taken against a black backdrop, she photoshopped them on a blue background.

Bella Hadid (3)

For caption, the model used the words spoken by Thurman’s character when she met Batman, “[standing over Batman] …. there’s something about an anatomically correct rubber suit that puts fire in a girl’s lips…” More glimpse of the model wearing this costume could be seen as she roamed around New York City streets, and she joined her friends for a Halloween celebration.