Bella Thorne And Her Sisters Pose With Their New Vamp Costumes


Bella Thorne is all geared up for Halloween with her sisters! The actress shared some sans of her Halloween costumes on Thursday. Featured in the snaps are her sisters, Dani and Kaili Thorne. They posed in a sultry manner as sexy vampires. It was shot by Akram Soliman. Many of Bella’s fans were mesmerized and wanted to offer up their necks!

Bella Thorne (3)

The vampire costumes in the pictures were really nice. However, the actress went further to ask which ones the fans like the best.

She captioned, “Which vamp sister are u?? Swipe for da fangs @dani_thorne @kailifknthorne”

Kaili, her sister, went with a joke as a caption, “3 Vampire Sisters walk into a bar…”

Bella Thorne (1)

Dani seems to enjoy her sisters’ shenanigans and commented on both the pictures:  “Such a dope shot!! 🔥🔥🔥 As a vampire,” and “This is so cute.”

Her fans were excited to see those pictures and nonetheless, commented on them:

One follower said, “Bite me pls,” while the other commented, “it’s the teeth for me.” the third one was “🥴 please bite my neck 🤪,” and “You are amazing like always ❤️.” a fan also wrote “Damn. I want all 3 🤤😍. How can u be such a pretty queen?”

Bella Thorne (2)

The sister did not stop at being vampires. They also donned on their fairy wings, along with their bedazzled corset, and a purple furry tutu. At some point, she also flaunted her amazing figure by donning on  a red hot Little Red Riding Hood ensemble. She finally concluded with a post captioned,””A goodbye for now!!! Italy off we go 😍 covid tested before anyone enters, with as many music videos and shoots I have directed in the last two months I have spent 45 k in covid tests so far!! Thank u to my twin friends at no vacancy for hosting an amazing night.”