Bella Thorne Poses With Danger For A Racy Video Clip While Showing Off Her Stunning Physique (10 Pics)

Bella Thorne Poses With Danger For A Racy Video Clip While Showing Off Her Stunning Physique

The actress has often mentioned in the caption of her Instagram posts that she is in love with creating content. She knows how to lure her fans into it. Glamorous sets, catchy plot and music are among those things the content offers. She recently shared a small video clip under the #SHAKEIT. Bella was seen posing with Danger, who was decked up in a black dress.


They were seen posing in the pool while Danger was feeding a strawberry to Bella. While seductively nibbling on the fruit, Bella pulled her in a hug and ended up kissing each other. Though it is probably for her content, the intimacy between them made them look sensuous. Bella shared the video with the caption, “My girl is too much (emoji) #SHAKEIT @contentxstudios @dangershewrote.”


Bella shared another video clip from SHAKE IT, in which she was seen wearing white lingerie with a corset and see-through bottoms. Bella put on a corset, which appreciated her toned body and small waist. They were seen being intimate with each other as they pulled each other on the bed. Danger was seen shaking her booty, which showed off her peachy derriere. They were also pulling each other to kiss, which made her video clip shore the temperature.

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In the caption of the video, Bella mentioned the release date, “SHAKE IT February 19th @dangershewroteHad so much fun directing this video @contentxstudios.” Bella previously posted another video to promote her song Lonely. She was seen dancing while wearing a white crop top and black bottoms. The top showed off her ample cleavage and toned stomach.


She lifted her top a bit to give a glimpse of her under-boobs. Her straight brown hairstyle and light makeup look added to her beauty. She looked charming and graceful in the video. She used the caption, “Lonely and ……. (emoji). Wow legit just noticed this video doesn’t have sound wtfinsta!?! Everyone go listen to my song lonely.”


She was also seen posing for another small video clip in which she posed in a skimpy white bikini top teamed up with white bikini bottom. The ensemble showed off her sexy curves. As she ran her hands all over her bust, the skimpy top appreciated her ample bosom as she came out of the pool. Her choice of pearl accessories added more glamor to her look. Her hairstyle and makeup look made her tempting. Her seductive glare at the camera added to her sensuality. Bella shared another small video clip as she bent down on the camera. She wore a white triangle top with pearl straps to show off her pretty bosom. She gradually went up to emphasize her pretty curves. Her hairstyle and makeup look added to her beauty.



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