Ben And J-Lo Together- Once Again


Ben Affleck’s second-time engagement with Lopez receives a green flag from ex-wife Jennifer Garner. She even comments on Lopez saying that she has been a positive influence on him. Ben and Garner had three kids together- Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, who have now turned 16, 13, and 10 respectively.

The family was aware of the engagement beforehand. Jennifer Garner posted a video of dancing with friend Tiler Peck on her Instagram page. Tiler Peck is a prominent dancer at the New York City Ballet. The friends were seen whirling together, and enjoying themselves at their best as they played Meghan Trainor’s song- Better when am Dancing.

Thrice divorced, Lopez has had two broken engagements- with Ben and Alex Rodriguez. She reveals the weird story of her past broken engagements. Ben proposed his thoughts while she was having a shower- totally unaware. She was head over heels she says. After twenty years it was happening and she was not able to believe her stars.

She shouted a YES as Ben proposed to her. Ben made sure to remember her choices. Jennifer Lopez proudly flaunted her ring saying that green is her favorite color, and the green diamond ring makes her extremely happy as it has shown that he cares about her.

After her latest breakup with Alex, Ben and J got back together last may give it another try. Ben and Jennifer had a relationship back in 2004, after a decade they clicked again on a positive note. She narrates that they first got together in 2002 and planned to get married in 2003. But the plan got postponed, eventually leading to their break up.

In 2008, Ben was also seen showing regret about being in a relationship with J, saying it was a mistake. Later in 2005, they finally got married, and created a cute family with three children, but got separated in 2015 and divorced in 2018.

But what is inspiring is that they stuck as co-parents and shared a healthy relationship for the upbringing of their children. The couple also acted as good friends during their separation period, as when Ben got into alcoholism, she seem to help him out.

She came up with the idea of keeping a Bible in the house and bringing him back to track. Seems like they are made for each other as they keep getting back to each other after hurdles.