Beyoncé Poses In Bodysuit For Adidas To Flaunt Her Perky Booty (10 Pics)

Beyoncé Poses In Bodysuit For Adidas To Flaunt Her Perky Booty (10 Pics)

The singer has always preached body confidence through her music. She knows how to flaunt her feminine beauty, which looks aesthetic and bold. Her fans wait eagerly to get a glimpse of her in some stunning ensembles as they know it will turn out to be nothing lesser than iconic. This is the reason many reputed brands approach her for campaigning. Recently, she was seen posing in a sexy bodysuit during the promo photoshoot for Adidas.


Queen B wore a skimpy brown latex bodysuit with a revealing top part and a high cut thong bottom. The tight bodysuit hugged her figure to appreciate her stunning body proportion. She wore matching brown-and-white Adidas sports shoes to complete her look. Her brunette tresses were styled straight to fall on her back and shoulder.


She picked a pair of gold bracelets and a necklace, which were the perfect accessories for her look. She chose a glam makeup look, which added to her beauty. The makeup palette featured a pink lip color and pretty eye makeup. Her metal nail colors looked pretty as she placed her hand on her cheek.

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Beyoncé was seen posing on the couch while looking straight at the camera. As she lay on her stomach and arched her back, her pert derriere looked more defined. She posed for another picture as she tugged her shoelaces. Her posture appreciated her perky derriere and toned legs.


Her poses looked artistic as she showed off her impressive flexibility for the photoshoot. Her toned figure and mesmerizing curves made her look appealing in the images. The singer shared a few snaps on her Instagram while posing, and for all of them, she used the caption, “ICY PARK (Emoji) FEB 19 FEB 20 select stores globally #adidasxIVYPARK #IVYPARK,”




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