Bianca Gascoigne Choses A Sexy Black Outfit For Her Calendar (10 Pics)

Bianca Gascoigne Choses A Sexy Black Outfit For Her Calendar

The reality star Bianca Gascoigne is currently shooting for her calendar, and she is particularly choosing sexy outfits for it. She recently shared an image of the rain around the pool at her villa with the caption, “Where’s the sun at?? …Shooting in the rain yesterday…and today! Still happy with the pics thou.” The model was previously seen shooting in a sexy cow-girl attire for her calendar. This time, she chose a sexier outfit for the photoshoot.


Bianca Gascoigne high-cut latex bodysuit

Bianca wore a high-cut latex bodysuit for the calendar shooting. The zipper of the bodysuit was undone, and its revealing front flaunted her ample cleavage. The high-cut suit complimented her curves and toned body.

She chose a heavy makeup look that matched with this sexy black latex bodysuit. The model wore bright red lip color and heavy eyelash extensions to illuminate her pretty facial features. Her hair was styled to fall straight on her back as she posed for the images.


Bianca Gascoigne toned body

Bianca was seen hugging her body as she posed for the images. She bent her leg in the front to show off her pretty legs.

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Bianca Gascoigne red lip color

She mainly chose a serious expression, which made her look intimidating.


Bianca Gascoigne bodysuit

She looked at the floor while pulling down the top part of the bodysuit to give a better view of her assets.


Bianca Gascoigne caressed her hair

She caressed her hair while looking into the camera.


Bianca Gascoigne gorgeous smile

During her interaction with the camera person and the hairstylist, she was seen flashing a gorgeous smile.

Last month, Bianca and her boyfriend Kris Boyson went to Portugal to celebrate his 31st Birthday. During their romantic getaway, the 33-year-old star enjoyed her time with Kris as they joked around, went on a dinner date, and had some fun pool days. She also prepared a Dolly Parton-themed cake for Kris’s birthday celebration.


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