Bianca Gascoigne Poses Naked On Rose Petals For The Valentine’s Day Cover Shoot (10 Pics)

Bianca Gascoigne Poses Naked On Rose Petals For The Valentine's Day Cover Shoot

Bianca Gascoigne has always been hot and sexy, and she never shies away from posing in sexy outfits. Her enthralling aura can charm anyone instantly. She recently had breast reduction surgery, and the post-surgery shoots show off the result along with her eye-popping figure.


She also posed for a sultry Valentine’s Day Photoshoot. The 34-year-old glamor model flexed her eye-popping figure as she lay on her bed while covering her modesty with rose petals.  The model looked sensational as she posed for a nude while lying on her stomach. Bianca arched her back slightly to give a better view of her gorgeous figure and peachy derriere.


She posed for another picture while modeling a red bodysuit as she sat with some heart-shaped balloons. The bodysuit hugged her figure tightly to emphasize her beautiful curves. The revealing top part of the ensemble emphasized her ample cleavage.The bodysuit had multiple panel cuts on the side, which showed off her gorgeous curves.

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The reality TV star let her blond tresses cascade on her back and shoulder while forming small curls. She chose a glam makeup palette as she pouted for the camera.


Previously, Bianca donned racy purple lingerie and posted the snap on Instagram. She looked fabulous as the bra top flaunted her ample assets, and the bottom appreciated her toned stomach and pretty legs. Her curves looked more defined as the lace ensemble hugged her body. She posed on the floor while holding a red rose.


Her blond locks rested on the floor as she looked straight at the camera while posing. She used the caption, ‘Trippin on you.’ The star has been dating her personal trainer Kris Boyson, with whom she spent the lockdown. She also went on vacation with her beau after the lockdown was over.


The model also revealed that she is ‘so happy’ after her breast reduction. She talked about ‘body dysmorphia’ in a post while revealing that she is ‘enjoying her body’ and no longer feels ‘top heavy.’


She stated, ‘Content. Feeling the best I’ve felt at the moment physically and mentally, so happy with my new smaller boobs which I had done by @comfortzonesurgeryofficial. I had my old ones in for 13 years so it was time to change one of my implants actually burst so it was the right decision to want to go smaller! Which also doesn’t make me feel as top heavy now.”

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She added, “I’m on top of my fitness. I’ve cut down on booze, I’ve been doing the 5.2 diet making sure I don’t eat between a certain time and working out 6 times a week. I’m not blessed with a good metabolism so I have to work REALLY hard at trying to lose weight.


I suffer with body dysmorphia but can honestly say I’m actually enjoying my body a little at the moment which is a massive thing for me to say.”Bianca went to see the doctor when she had a dangerous leak in one of her implants and got ready to have breast reduction. She had gone through two boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift and has now got her boobs reduced after having her implants ruptured.